Alittle about Me

Hi I thought it was about time that I sat down and properly introduced myself and share a few little titbits about myself so here goes.

I'm Rebecca (but I prefer Becky), I was born, raised and still currently live in north wales. I'm in my early-thirties, and I've been with the lovely Mr H for 11 years now, married for 4and we have 2 wonderfully little girls together who are both now in primary school. We also have our furry friend living with us, the gentlemanly Harry who's a Labrador cross.

I've spent the last 6 years slowly studying (at a snails pace) towards an Open Degree with Open University but last year I finally took the big step (for me at least) of transferring to a named degree and I'm now officially a second year Psychology undergraduate with the Open University.

I suffer from Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension which was the kiss of death for my great love of all things coffee as high caffeine levels can be a trigger for the terrible migraines that come with it. So I'm on a 2 coffees a day limit, but when I'm stressing and writing essays I tend to go way over my tiny limit.

In my spare time I'm totally a self confessed nail polish addict, I just love buying new shades although I never seem to have the time to actually paint my nails, and as my collection grows I'm finding it harder and harder to decide which colour to pick. This is totally frustrating but in a good way. I've also recently become addicted to eyeshadows in particular eyeshadow palettes, I just love the mix of colours you can get and after so many years of just not bothering with makeup at all when the girls were little, I'm loving discovering new colour combinations.

I'm also a keen 'fair weather' gardener and love growing my own veg & fruit, it started as somethink messy, fun & educational to do with the girls and has expanded into 3 raised veg beds and and ever increasing number of pots dotted all round the garden and decking. It's even taken over my flower beds as last summer I added 3 mini trees to the flower beds: 2 apple and a cherry. Every year my flower boards become less flowers more fruit bushes and herbs. I have a massive love for herbs they are my weakness not only do most flower, they look and smell amazing too and I can cook and bake with them, to me they are the perfect plant.

I'm hoping for this blog to become my own personal little haven where I can write, rant & obsess over everything & anything that takes my fancy.

I hope that you find it as enjoyable to read as I find it to write.