Sunday, 28 September 2014

The 'I Went A Little Crazy Online' Boots Haul

Have you ever had that horrible moment when you've picked up your favourite perfume and found it empty. Well I had that feeling the other week and so I started hunting around online to find another bottle at the cheapest price possible. That hunt led me pretty quickly to Boots were I found it half price and that they had an offer of double advantage card points when you spent over £25 on selected beauty products, I couldn't resist a look and from then on my innocence purchase of a replace bottle turned into a full on beauty haul.

My goodies arrived just over 2 weeks ago and I've spent that time trying out a few of my new goodies, keep an eye out for reviews, but in the meantime here's what I ordered...

Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask 15ml (RRP £3.00) - this charcoal and kaolin clay self-heating mask draws out impurities while essential oil of myrrh helps calm and soothe skin.

Sanctuary Spa Moisture Boosting Mask 15ml (RRP £2.50) - a moisture boosting face mask with shea butter and honey to nourish skin, lavender essential oil to help you relax and organic rose hip seed oil to protect skin against ageing. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Septembers Nerd Block Classic Unboxing

Hi my lovelies hope your all enjoying you Saturday afternoon, today I want to share my thoughts on this months Nerd Block Classic, which arrived the same day as K and T's Nerd Block Jr Girls box. 

Nerd Block Classic is a monthly mystery box of nerdy fun stuff, each box has 4-6 nerdy goodies and a custom T-shirt. My monthly subscription costs $32.99 a month. If your interested in learning more just follow this link

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Nerd Block Jr Girls: Septembers Unboxing

I was really chuffed to get home from shopping Friday to find the girls Nerd Block Jr box had arrived just in time for the weekend. And as soon as I mentioned it had arrived they couldn't wait to get home and changed but opening it up and start their weekend.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Apocalypse is Coming! Unboxing Septembers My Geek Box...

Well our My Geek Box arrived a few days ago and again it's a great mix of products that we both like. Septembers theme is Apocalypse, and from seeing all the spoilers I was really excited and hoping for some awesome zombie inspired goodies. The only less than positive thought I had after opening was 'weres the rest?' for such a large box it was only half filled and really gave the impression of some large sized goodies hidden within. Anyway here's what we received..

Thursday, 18 September 2014

MEMEBOX SPECIAL: #26 Hand & Nail Care

When I placed my ordered for the MEMEBOX Special #26 Hand & Nail Care Box (RRP $29.99) in late August, I expected it to take the full 3 weeks to arrive, so when it turned up just over a week ago, I couldn't wait to rip it open and find out what goodies it contained. Typically though after a quick ooh and ahh I haven't had a proper chance to to have a play about, what with settling K and T back into their school routines, writing up my last essay for my DD131 module and Mr H coming home. That is until last night when I managed to grab a few minutes of peace and I can't say I'm disappointed. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Septembers ELLE Magazine Freebie

Afternoon my lovelies, this morning I was flicking through my local supermarkets magazine stand and the October copy of ELLE magazine (RRP £2) caught my eye and all thanks to the very generous River Island 20% off discount card on the front. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Happy 1st Birthday YOU Beauty Discovery.

I've made no secret that since I started receiving my YOU Beauty boxes they quickly became my favourite beauty box to receive, at the end of the month I look eagerly look forward to receiving my spoiler email and seeing what goodies I can pick from the following month. 

As always this month menu of products is quite varied, there really is something for everyone to try. This month however they are also celebrating their 1st Birthday so as a birthday treat everyone who orders a box in September gets a bonus full-sized product included free of charge. 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lancôme Haul from

Morning my lovelies hope your all having a good start to the weekend.

Today I want to share with you one of the prettiest powder bronzers I think I've ever seen. From the second I saw the Lancôme Limited Edition Golden Riviera Star Bronzer I knew I just had to have it eventhough at £35.00 it's not exactly a cheap bronzer to buy. So I spent a few hours searching the internet for the best deal and stumbled onto where they were running an offer of a free Lancôme Renergie Gift Set if you spent over £50 on Lancôme products so needless to say I ended up with receiving bundle of Lancôme goodies. 

But before we get into that let's talk pretty bronzer...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Liebster Award Nominated by ItsMaddiehbu

Hi everyone I was recently nominated by Maddie (AKA ItsMaddiehbu) to do the Liebster Award (check out Maddie's here).

The Liebster Award is a great way of small bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to help other small bloggers reach a wider audience. So the rules are after you've been nominated you answer the eleven questions asked by the blogger who nominated you. You then continue the cycle by nominating eleven bloggers yourself and ask eleven new questions.

So here's my answers to Maddie's questions..

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Lip Factory - August 2014

Well my last Lip Factory beauty box (for a while at least) arrived this week and it's another fully stocked box of goodies. Lip Factory is a American monthly makeup subscription, subscription for members in the UK costs $32.00 (roughly £20), this includes shipping and handling costs. This months box has 6 products, all of which are full-sized and has an estimated value of $56.60, nearly double what I paid so its great valve for money.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

August's Favourite Makes My Summer Holidays Easier.


August for me is my laziest month of the year, the girls are off school thanks to the summer hols so it's lie-in heaven with so many Pyjama and DVD days that I lose count. As you can imagine my everyday beauty routine goes straight out the window with my blow-dryer and straighteners sat gathering dust and most days my hair is scrapped back into a loose ponytail or bun with no care taken.

So before the schools broke up I picked up a bottle of John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-day straight for just £2 from my local Original Factory Shop in the hopes that it might tame my hair slightly when I just can't be bother to style it... which if I'm honest was most days. 

I've used it for over 6 weeks, twice a week and I'm impressed with the results. When I've just sprayed it and left my hair to dry naturally, my wavy hairs still wavy but it's more controlled and less chaotic frizzy than before which I love. The real effect though comes when its used with my straighteners as I've found it basically cut in half the time it takes me to straighten my hair to how I like it.. I'm pretty picky with it too usually normally checking it constantly, I've even been known to grab the straighteners minutes before going out to just fix abit I think looks wrong, I'm a nightmare straightener which is probably why Mr H like my hair wavy! 

When this bottle runs out I'll definitely be buying another as I love that it's a time saver not only when I'm lazying around and also when I'm stressing out getting myself dolled up.

I'd love to heard if you've tried the 3-day straight, how did it work for you? 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Everyone needs 'Heroes' August 2014 LootCrate box

Hi my lovelies I've got another nerdy monthly subscription box to share with you all and this times it's our Lootcrate. Lootcrate is an Australian geek and gaming monthly subscription box that costs $29.95 (including P&P) a month (roughly £17.00). Every month Lootcrate's staff handpick 6-8 of the newest geeky/gaming goodies for you to enjoy.