Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Planting time in some Spring sunshine

Another day of spring sunshine last week found me pushing my books to one side and heading outside to get some potting and planting done, and can you blame me just look at that lovely clear blue sky.

This barerooted Gooseberry bush 'Hinnonmaki Green' was a complete bargain at just £1 from my local 'the original factory shop', and as I'm currently reorganising my back garden borders, I've planted it into a pot for the time being but I'm hoping to plant it into its final home in the next month once I've cleared a space and it's established alittle more. I know it doesn't look like much right now but I have my fingers and toes crossed that in a year or 2, it'll be thriving and I'll be collecting my first harvest of juicy gooseberries from it. 

At the same time as purchasing my new Gooseberry Bush I also decided to treat myself to a Climbing Rose it's called 'Purple Climber' and its meant to be a fragranced double flower rose. For now I've planted it in a pot but I have a patch of ground next to a wall that's going to waste in my front garden where nothing seems to grow there but grape hyacinths even though it's in full sun, my plan is to fix a trellis to the wall and then plant this rose there. I know from experience that you can never know just what your going to end up with when you buy bare-rooted plants from discount stores but I'm confident it's a rose of some sort and I'm looking forward to seeing what I actually what I get but as long as it's a grows and flowers I won't be disappointed. 

I also potted up my Calabrese 'Iron Man F1' seedings that arrived in the mail from a few days ago, they are now sat in my cold frame veg bed hardening off before being planted into their final home in the next few weeks. I'm planning to give two of these seedings to my mum for her veg plot. We should be harvesting from these some time from July. 

I also planted up these Tulips I found in my local Aldi reduced half price to just £1. The tray had four cells in it. Two of the cells are still waiting to be planted in the borders but I couldn't resist planting up a spare pot I had lying around, I can't wait for them to add some much needed colour to our decked area. 

I also picked up 2 trays of Perennials when I purchased the tulips, one yellow and orange and the other rose and pink. Both trays have 6 mixed plants and were half price. I'm still trying to decide upon just where to plant the but I'm leaning toward planting most of them in my front garden border underneath my living room window. 

I've made a start putting these in by planting one of the rose/pink selection in the back of my border. I'm pretty sure one this is a Foxglove and I can't wait to see this beauty when it's fully grown, although we'll have to wait til next year as Foxglove is a biennial. To give it some extra protection from ever changing weather conditions we're having I've cloched it.

Unfortunately I didn't managed to get anymore planting up done before I had to get cleaned up and head out to collect the girls from school but I'm really pleased with what I did manage to get done.

x B x