Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I hope your all good and excitedly preparing for Christmas I can't believe it's 1st December already. We're all super excited here and we can't wait to get the decorations up, I'm resisting though at least for another week at least and then this house is getting Christmased (I think that's a word, if not it should be).

You might of noticed the blogs been in timeout the past few months to cut a long story short at the beginning of summer I had alittle family drama which left me feeling atad run down. So I decided to take a few weeks break which mutated taking on a life of its own due to a chaotic summer and an even busier Sept/Oct as the girls went back to school and I started my first Level 2 OU module. Recently though things have eased up and I've found myself with free time again so I'm back and hopefully you guys will be happy about it as I've missed chatting away. 

x B x