Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My 5 favourite things about Autumn

Well, it's only 9 days until Christmas Day, so I guess it's officially Winter but it's so cold and dull outside today I thought I'd cheer myself up and maybe a few of you too by sharing what I loved most about Autumn. 

1. Conker hunting with my girls is one of my favourite Autumn activities, we do it every year without fail. We have bowls and vases full thoroughout our house in the hopes that the old wife's tale that 'spiders hate them' rings true.

2. Forest walks are another favourite. No matter how old my girls get they still love watching the leaves turn red and gold, to quote Miss T 'it just makes everything feel so magical'. 

3. This year we had an amazing fruit and veg harvest which I throughly enjoying fun turning into chutney and jams for Mr H to enjoy over Winter. 

4. Mr H was away at work this year for Bonfire night so we couldn't actually go to our nearest public display, we didn't really miss out though as a few days later my friend threw a get together and her husband went all out with a huge fireworks display. All the kids loved it. 

5. I'm addicted to candles and as soon as the dark evening start rolling in I love curling up on the sofa with a book, a brew and light a few of my favourite candles, this year I loved 'Christmas Cookie' from Yankee Candle, it's such a cosy scent. 

I love Autumn in general even if at times it feels like a stepping stone season that allows us to prepare for the big C. 

I'd love to heard what you love about Autumn. 

x B x