Friday, 27 March 2015

Today's my birthday.

So as the title suggests today is my 32nd Birthday, so I thought I'd share a few of my pits and peaks (as the kardashians would say) of the past year with you all before my family comes round to enjoy a slice of my homemade birthday cake.

The first peak that sticks out in my mind is Mr H getting his new promotion/job role. I'm so proud of everything he achieves this has however been a double edge sword with the new role come more training courses that eat away at our family time. Changing onto the Psychology degree pathway in May is another major peak for me, it finally gave me a focus I'd been lacking for the past few years and I think I've found my passion. 

My last peak has to be my girls, over the past year they have both blossomed and they continue to amaze me everyday. Miss K has transformed from a shy little girl lacking in confident into a confident cheeky (a little too cheeky at times) pre-teen who now stands up for herself more. While Miss T is just as crazy, bouncy and loving as ever, academically she's come on so much. It's hard for me to process that from Sept both my babies will be in Junior classes, they need to stop growing up. 

The pits seem to have been few and far between but the few we've had have really stood out. Miss K had us worrying for a few months as she was suffering from frequent headaches, thankful after a ton of tests the root cause has been found, she suffers from quite a few allergies that cause her sinuses to inflame, causing headaches. She's now on medicine but at the time it was terrifying watching her struggle.

Another pit of the past year is my weight gain, I've piled on the pounds while studying as I tend to comfort eat when I get stressed which happens whenever I have a deadline looming. I've made alittle progress in the last few weeks to loss a few pounds but I have a long road ahead of me to get back to post baby size. My first goal though is to lose between 1 and 2 stone before June, when my besties is having both her daughters christened and I'm a godparent, and as her girls are like nieces to me I want to be able to look back and treasure the moment without obsessing over how fat I look in the photos. 

So there you have them my peaks and my pits of the past year. 
I'm now going to put the kettle on and relax with a quick brew before my family descends on me. 

x B x