Monday, 23 March 2015

Easter Baking: Devil's Food Cake

Ever since the gorgeous Easter themed Chocolate & Hazelnut Loaf by RedVelvetBaking popped upon on my Twitter feed earlier this week I've been itching to bake my own little Easter cake. This weekend I got my chance as we decided to spend our weekend enjoying some quality family time celebrating both my birthday and Easter early as Mr H is away at work for both. As Miss K is allergic to tree-nuts chocolate/hazelnut loaf is a no go so instead i decided on Devil's Food Cake, it's a firm family favourite!

Recipe wise I just used a simple Devil's Food Cake recipe I found online but for the icing I cheated and used a ready mix Chocolate Fudge Icing I already had in the cupboard. My icing making skills aren't that great and I just didn't fancy spending ages making sure it was totally smooth, which for me never seems to happen. 

Once baked and cooled I sliced the top of one half of the cake and set that bit aside for crumbling later on. Then it was just case of putting everything together which I think everyone will agree is the fun messy bit. As always i dabbed a little icing on the cake stand first as this secures the bottom half of the cake to the stand, the 1/3 of the icing went on as filling. Then I added the top half of the cake (the one with the top sliced off), then it was a simply job of using the last 2/3 of the icing to fully coat the top and sides of the cake. 

Once that was all done I crumbled the leftover bit of cake and sprinkled it over the top icing then added the ready made chocolate carrots I bought from Sainsburys and the chocolate rabbits from Aldi.
I so chuffed with just how great this cake turned out and best of all was just how excited both my girls got over it. Miss T was totally gaga over the bunnys and spent most of the afternoon bouncing round acting like a bunny herself, she's crazy but I adore her. While Miss K loved the cute carrots sprouting out of the 'soil'.

As you can tell from the photo below, it went down a treat.

x B x