Friday, 4 July 2014

A Crazy Couple of Weeks

Morning my lovelies, can't believe its been over a week since I last posted, please forgive me for being MIA as things have been majority crazy the past few weeks 

I've had both my girls sports days (neither of them won any races but had so much fun trying bless them), then my eldest has been in two dance showcases with her school ballet club (she danced so well and I cried a lot, I'm just so proud of her and of how confident she's becoming now we've dealt with the whole bullying issue). 

Then to top it all off I have an essay that's due Monday (it's now due a week Monday, thank god for my understanding tutor and a much needed deadline extension) and I'm starting to despair as I have no clue what to write for it... I'm starting to pray for a miracle or at least a flash of inspiration!

So after a manic few weeks I'd love to say that the next few are going to be ultra chilled but not for me I'm afraid! Julys a mega busy month for birthdays here, three of my besties are turning a year older or as we tell everyone 21 again! My dads also celebrating his this weekend while just yesterday one of my gorgeous nieces turned 4. But the most important one of all my baby girls, T turns 6 next weekend and as Mr H is home I'm busy planning an entire weekend of birthday treats and surprises. 

Not forgetting of course the gymnastic competition both my girls are taking part in or the fact that I have the summer holidays to look forward to in just two weeks! 

Yep all in all I've had a crazy few weeks with a few more to come too. I do however have loads of ideas for new blog content so please keep an eye out and stick round as normal service will resume soon. x