Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Villains are taking over!

OK so everyone including me loves a superhero but for me there really is some think special about a good old fashioned villain. And to be fair without the villains what would the superheroes do! The people at Lootcrate must agree as this months box pays homage to some of the most iconic villains in comic and gaming history. 

For anyone who doesn't know Lootcrate is an Australian monthly subscriber box of Geek and Gamer gear, it costs $29.95 a month which includes delivery to the UK. Every month the box and all it's loot have a special theme. If your interested in finding out more every think you need to know can be found here

Mr H and myself tend to share the geeky/gaming box goodies, the T-shirts are however always ordered for him because he has a nasty habit of painting and ruining his T-shirts weekly and I have the awful of habit of chucking his tops in the tumble dryer and shrinking them.. Oops. To be fair to both of us though our washing machine seems to have a taste for munching holes in clothes too! We really need to invest in a new one soon! 

Anyway... this months loot crate exclusive T-shirts is a mash-up of Loki and the Joker and it's pretty damn fabulous, the design is awesome and created by Zack Findrock. I love how soft it feels too, so much so I might have to steal this one for myself!

Every month Lootcrate includes a themed badge (our collection is growing) and this months features two of my favourite big bads Harley Quinn and Darth Vader.. What's not to love. 

Anyone who knows me well knows I have 2 items of clothing I love the most and would live in permanently, the first is PJs and the second is weird fun socks. For me the worst thing in the world is boring socks, the most weird and wacky the better so for me these Deadpool socks rock. I'm also loving the Dennis the Menace stripes so cool. Im already  imagining all the Deadpool inspired sarcastic remarks I'm going to be making when wearing these beauties.

I have a major thing for random fun magnets (my fridge is covered in them) and as my daughters have inherited my love of all things Mario, this Bowser propaganda style magnet will fit right in with the chaos that is my fridge!

OMG I've been nagging my Mr H to buy me a Darth Vader keyring, I'm a massive Star Wars fan so I'll admit I totally squealed when I saw this.. I finally have my keyring so I guess I have to find somethink else to nag him for now.. 

How awesome is this! A DVD documentary exploring the villains of the past seven decades of the DC Universe. And if that isn't cool enough it's only bloody narrated by Christopher Lee, I can't wait to sit down with Mr H when he's home and watch this.

These DC Comics Harley Quinn and The Joker poster are amazing the designing is fabulous I especially love the all bats flying around and making up the top part of the jokers head, a very clever concept. I'm already on the hunt for the right frames so we can hang these in Mr H's 'man cave'. Yes I know it's sad posters so don't need frames but I think they will look even better in the right frames and will last so much longer behind glass.

I'm a huge marvel movie fan so as soon as the release date came for Guardians of the Galaxy I made sure I had the day free, so finding a Lootcrate exclusive Rocket Raccoon Marvel Comic included in this months box is pretty great. Eventhough I've kind of grown out of comics lately i still like sitting down to read them now and then especially in the run up to a movie release and as it's T rated I also know my eldest daughter (who's also Marvel crazy) will enjoy reading it too. 

This months mini-mag is Issue 12 with the cover art matching this months badge. It features a Q&A with Marvel artist Skottie Young who did the art in the Rocket Raccoon Comic, there's also a few Villain inspired games and a top 5 list of the best video villains. 

So after all these totally 'me' goodies I can't help but give Lootcrate even more love as the box itself is totally awesome. The Batman and Joker themed images  have made it near impossible for me to throw it out so until I get bored of looking at it (which is so never going to happen) I'm going got have to keep it. 

I totally loved this months Lootcrate there wasn't one item I didn't like or love.

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