Friday, 10 October 2014

Galactic Fun Thanks to LootCrate

I am such a sci-fi junkie so Septembers LootCrate theme 'Galactic' was perfect for me and with every spoiler I saw I got me more and more excited. As alwaysp the box arrived near the end of the month, the prefect distraction from payday thoughts. As always we were all looking forward to finding out what goodies LootCrate had in store for us this month and we weren't disappointed. 

LootCrate exclusive golden Tribble by Quantum MechanixI love Star Trek and grew up watching re-runs of the Original Series inbetween episodes of The Next Generation so for me the Tribble isn't just iconic (everyone knows what a Tribble is!), its also a happy reminder of my childhood. As its an exclusive product to LootCrate I haven't been able to find an exact RRP but Quantum Mechanix do sell a similar brown tribble for $9.95 (can be found here).

Funko Science Fiction Vinyl Figure (RRP £6.99 at Forbidden Planet) - We're all massive Nathan Fillion and Firefly fans in my house, I'll never understand why it was cancelled!, So discovering that my 6cm mystery mini figure was in fact Malcolm Reynolds definitely put a smile on my face. Mal is now happily living on the geek shelf in Mr H's mancave. 

Funko Alien Re-Action 10cm Figure 'The Alien' (RRP £14.65 at Amazon) - The Alien films are in my opinion the ultimate sci-fi horror movies, they are  classic scream fests with just the right amount of gore thrown in. I've loved every one of them ever since I saw Alien as a teenage, so to have my very own moveable killer alien figure is a dream come true. That is until I manage to convince (nag) Mr H into buying me a metal alien figure, those things are amazing pieces of artwork. 

Pop Rocks 'Blue Razz' Popping Candy (RRP 79p at American Sweets) - My girls love sprinkling popping candy over their ice cream so this little treat was a winner as soon as they saw it. 

Halo Escalation #1-3 Bundle Digital Code (RRP $0.99 per issue from Dark Horse Comics) - This code allowed me to download the first 3 issues of the Halo Escalation series (set 5 years after the Human-Covenant War), and I love them, That much that I've downloaded the rest of the series!

Serenity Bank Heist Money - Another amazing Firefly goodie, this bank heist money pack is a fab extra and my girls are already trying to get their hands on this play money to add to their fancy dress collection. This isn't the complete pack which however has an RRP of $17.95 and is available from Quantum Mechanix.

Lootcrate Exclusive Star Wars Retro Arcade Magnet - Another awesome fridge magnet and this months portrays the Millennium Falcons escape from the Galactic Empire after the Battle of Hoth as well as the Asteroid field and its Exogorth (Space Slug) 

Lootcrate Exclusive September 2014 Galactic Badge - This month's badge features Darth Vader, Ellen Ripley, Malcolm Reynolds and R2D2. It celebrates some of the best sci-fi series out there. 

Lootcrate September Magazine Issue 14 - This months mini mag is a celebration of all things Galactic in particular Firefly with a Browncoats Guide to Firefly and a behind the scenes look at Lootcrates firefly fan film and a guide to every item in this months box. 

Lucasfilm Ltd Star Wars Poster 9" x 27" - Last but not least there was an awesome Han Solo captured i  Carbonite poster hidden at the bottom of the box which I love. When I was little I had a huge crush on Han Solo he was the ultimate bad boy turned good in the battle of good versus evil.  This poster portrays the moment my little heart broke when I thought Han and Leia's fragile love had been ripped apart and to this day I still cry whenever I watch that scene the whole 'I love you' 'I know' bit gets me every time. 

Final Verdict

As always LootCrate have hit the ball out of the park, every month it feels like real thought has been put into each theme and its items. LootCrate really is our most looked forward to geeky/gaming box, it always seems to have something for all of us. 

Lootcrate is an Australian geek and gaming monthly subscription box that costs $29.95 (including P&P) a month (roughly £17.00). Every month Lootcrate's staff handpick 6-8 of the newest geeky/gaming goodies for you to enjoy.

If your interested in finding out more about Lootcrate every think you need to know can be found here.