Thursday, 16 October 2014

LOVE me BEAUTY Box September

In September Love Me Beauty underwent what they branded a revolution. Out went the old much loved system of 3 menus to choose from and in came a selection of products all rated on a credit scheme. Every month you have 6 credits to spend,  travel sized or small samples are 1 credit each while full-sized, higher value or limited availability items are 2 credits. 

As I had 1 month left on my subscription it was perfect timing for me to try the new system out to see if I liked it. After a rather bumpy few days where the new website kept crashing whenever I tried to order, I did however manage to seek a peek at the product list once before it crashed and there seemed to be a wide selection of products available, but when I finally managed to place my order (a good few days after the launch) the few bits I'd had my eye on had been snatched up. 

Oriflame Swedish Spa Cooling Shower Mousse (full-sized 150ml RRP £4.95) - A rich foaming shower mousse that contains Peppermint Oil to give a quick cooling effect. (2 credits) 

Anatomicals 'cruisin' for a snoozin' Sleep Balm (full-sized 20g RRP £4.00) - This Beeswax enriched balm main ingredients are Lavender which helps you to relax and Rosemary which helps promote sleep. I generally have difficulties sleeping, I either fall asleep too early then wake up in the middle of the night unable to fall back off or I struggle to fall asleep eventually dropping off about 2 or 3am then feel awful when the alarm starts blaring, so anything that might help me sleep is welcome. (1 credit) 

Anatomicals 'oi! you throbhead' Headache Relief Balm (full-sized 20g RRP £4.00) - As a sufferer of frequent Migraines I sometimes feel like I'm walking round with a constant headache which I stubbornly refuse to take painkillers for no matter how much Mr H nags me too. I'm hoping that this peppermint and lavendar enriched balm might relieve a few of my minor tension headaches or at the very least just help me relax. (1 credit) 

Redken Color Extend Conditioner 30ml Sample (250ml RRP £9.99) - I'd previously received this conditioner in a Love Me box before and it worked wonders on my blond ends so I couldn't resist ordering this conditioner. It has UVA-filters and Cranberry Oil to condition, strengthen and safeguard the colour of your hair. (1 credit) 

Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Serum 3.7ml Sample (50ml RRP £49.00) - This is my wildcard product, I've never tried it and added it just so I wouldn't lose my last credit. The serum uses Glycolic and Salicylic acids to exfoliate away dead skin cells to clear your complexion and balance out the skins oil production, which sounds perfect for my oily and combination skin. It also has Retinol to encourage healthy skin cell renewal and Pomegranate Extract to defend skin from damage and aging caused by free radicals. (1 credit)  

Final Verdict

I was havinv second thoughts about not renewing my subscription so decided to hold off cancelling as I was really intrigued to see not only how the new system worked but also if there were any new brands available. Their new website was easy to navigate when I was finally able to use it without it crashing, I was however disappointed that they had no new brands available. I wasn't overly impressed with how the products were packaged, there was no padding at all they were just inside a fabric bag that was loose within the outer packing box, Love Me Beauty have stated though that from Ocober, orders will be delivered in their newly designed box so hopefully the lack of proper packaging was just a one off. Overall I preferred the old system better but the lack of new brands is the kicker, so I haven't renewed my subscription.