Monday, 29 December 2014

Week Three including Christmas

This week wasn't just about making a dent in my heap of samples but also using up a few near empty neglected products, and as I'm pretty late writing this thanks to christmas chaos I won't bore you with chit chat so let's jump straight in...

Mizon Magic Peeling Feet 1pack 

Really impressed with this treatment used it Saturday night and my feet are now in mega peel stage thank god it's winter and I can keep them covered up in cozy socks. Can't wait to see find out how soft they are when it finishes because this looks pretty promising right now. 

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Crystal Shine Conditioner 250 ml 

I've been using this conditioner one and off for a last few months but since starting this series of posts I've stuck to using this conditioner and to be honest I won't be purchasing it again, it does moisturise my hair well but doesn't prevent my hair from knotting and with the current winter weather I really need a conditioner that will aid my constant untangling battle rather than make it more difficult.

Rituals Qi Gong 24hr Anti-perspiration spray 50ml

For reasons only known to Mr H he packed my new deodorant as well as his own in his work bag and then disappeared off to work for 2 weeks so since my old one ran out I've been making do with this spray and it's actually not half bad. At the beginning it did take sone getting use to simply because it's quite a floral summery scent while usual is simply cotton fresh but after a few days I stopped noticing and I have no complaints. 

Champneys Spa Pedicure Deeply Moisturising Softening Foot Butter 35ml

I received this minty foot cream awhile ago in a Facebook swap. It worked well to soften the hard skin and sooth my long suffering tired feet, it left my toes all tingly and less achy. I wasn't too keen on just how long it took to absorb though as it left my toes feeling quite greasy for awhile afterwards, I definitely couldn't wear socks straight after rubbing it in or walk about and I keep slipping on our wooden floors. 

Sanctuary Spa 30 Day Thermal Transformation Active Reverse Facial 

All the kitchen prep, housework, gift shopping and general chaos during the run up to Christmas really left me feeling exhausted and my skin in particularly looked awful all dull and lifeless I definately looked more like a dead mummy rather than a Christmas angel. So I reached for this facial duo for a quick fix the day before Christmas Eve so I could look vaguely human when all our family visited Christmas Eve and I was really impressed with just how much glow it resorted to my face. The whole self heating aspect also worked its magic to help me relax and allowed my mind to wander peacefully rather than on a constant pre Christmas organization loop. 

Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 

I love how this shampoo smells it's really fresh crisp and well appleily (I know this isn't a word but couldn't think of how else to describe it). Its just a shame that the small amount in this sample wasn't enough to satistfy my love of bubbly shampoos, I love a great shampoo that foams well it makes me feel like my hairs getting a good cleaning.

TRESemme Heat Defense Styling Spray 60 ml 

I've been using this spray on and off for the past few months whenever I use my straighteners which to be honest isn't that often anymore and I can't fault it at all. Since buying it i've found that the whole process is much quicker, lasts for longer and looks healthier too, and as a mini bottle lasted so long I'll be buying myself another soon.  

Garnier Moisture Match Dull Skin Wake Me Up Gel 1.5ml 

I was expecting a cream but this is more like a clear gel, it absorbed quickly and really helped brighten my dull looking skin which is suffering thanks to late nights and early mornings. It's definitely a product I'll be buying soon I loved the instant effect.