Monday, 1 December 2014

Unboxing My Memebox Special #52 WTF (Wonderful Treasure Finds)

Hi lovelies hope you've all had a great weekend, mine was super busy as it was Wales Comic-Con weekend and me & Mr H had tickets, it was our first time there and we had a blast. 

Today's post is yet another Memebox unboxing, I think I have a slight addiction, as I write this one I still have another three to do! Anyway today it's the Memebox special #52 WTF (which stands for Wonderful Treasure Finds).  

The WTF memebox cost $29.99 inc P&P and is stuffed full with seven full-sized new beauty finds and I can't wait to incorporate some of them into my everyday beauty routine. 

dearberry Play Choux 30ml in Shade 02 Lemon Choux (RRP $13)

Bath Charm Store Dead Sea Salt Pearl Natural Soap 100g (RRP $6)

Skindeco Comedo AC Power Serum 50g (RRP $36)

Elinette BMS Cure Cream 50ml (RRP $65)

MUMUR Air Waterdrop Cooling Hand Cream Snow Blossom 50g (RRP $9)

Yadah Capsule Tok Soothing Gel 200ml (RRP $11)

TonyMoly Mr. Smile Patch 10g (RRP $2) 

I'm always searching for a new great primer but have never thought to try a colour correction version but I'm really impressed by the Lemon Choux and how smooth and brighter it left my skin after just a quick swatch. 

The Dead Sea Salt Pearl Natural Face Soap is super pretty but not really mine or Mr H's style so this will either up for swaps or passed along to a friend.

After reading the list of ingredients in the Comedo AC Power Serum I was expecting to hate how it smelt thanks to the ginger extract so I was happily surprised by just how unginger it actually smelt. I'm now looking forward to giving this a shot. 

I'm undecided about this BMS Cure Cream on the one hand I love how it eventually leaves my skin feeling but on the other I'm not overly keen on how it smells and how heavy and sticky it feels until it's fully absorbed. So the jury on this cream is still out.

I love this Air Waterdrop Cooling Hand Cream its a really unique product its similar to an emollient cream until you run it in and then it bursts into water drops leaving the skin super moisturised and feeling like silk.

This Capsule Tok Soothing gel has visible little capsules, green are aloe vera and yellow are vitamin capsules, I love aloe vera gels as they are fab for an irritated skin quick fix. I like to keep mine in the fridge so it's extra soothing so this is going straight in my fridge. 

The Mr.Smile Patches are designed to smooth out upper lip lines and they are shaped like  super cute little moustaches which made me laugh. I'm going to be passing these on to a friend who loves moustache goodies as I know she'll get a kick out of these.

For me the WTF Memebox is a pretty mixed bunch of beauty goodies, a few I love, a few I'm unsure about and a few that I know my friends will love. Pennies wise it worked out as great value for money as the products have a combined value in excess of $140. If your interested in ordering yourself a Memebox just click on the link in the top right hand corner, and why not drop me a message in the comments or get in touch on Twitter and let me know which box you chose.