Saturday, 10 January 2015

Disney Store Sale Finds

So the other day me and my mum decided to have a little post Christmas shopping trip and by shopping trip I actually mean meeting up for coffee, cake, gossip and a wander round the sales without my girls in tow. 

During our wander we popped into the Disney Store, it's one of my girls favourite shops (they adore the dresses) and they have a sale on, which is reason enough for me personally. They had quite a lot reduced for girls and boys and I really struggled to decided on just what to buy, I was looking for things for my youngest daughters birthday (it not til the end of spring but I like to be super organised when I comes to birthdays, I get it from my mum) but I didn't want to spend a small fortune, so I made a beeline for the sale baskets and started rummaging and found these.. 

Sleeping Beauty Pencil Tin Set (Reduced To £2.39)

This girly pencil tin contains 20 colouring pencils, a plain paper pad and a sharpener. We have tons of crayon, felts and colouring pencils littering our house but I know she'll love these as they are super girly and will be perfect to go in the new pencil case her Nanny bought her for school.

Disney Princess Magnetic Dress-Up Doll Set (Reduced To £3.59)

I bought T something similar last Christmas and she loved it, unfortunately it didn't come with a storage box so after a couple of months before pieces went missing and the paper on edges started to peel and tear. She was gutted so I couldn't resist buying this set for her as a replacement. It features magnetic cutouts of Rapunzel and Ariel, 2 dresses plus accessories and 4 background scenes for each princess. 

Disney Princess Shopper Bag (Reduced To £0.99)

I had no excuse or reason for buying this shopper other than I need a shopping bag and this was reduced, but since coming home T's nabbed it to carry her own clothes to school for their Forest School days, so well worth the 99p in my opinion. 

I'm pretty tempted to go back again this week to be honest once I've made a proper list of all my nephew and nieces birthdays as there were so many great items in the sales I'm sure I could pick up a few more gifts. 

And on that line of thought I think I'll go make myself a coffee, make that list and then check out their website, you never know they might have some offers online that aren't available in store..