Saturday, 3 January 2015

Nerd Block Jr. Decembers Girlie Goodies

Even after all the fun, excitement and present overload that Christmas brought, the girls were still super excited when our postman delivered their Nerd Block Jr. Girls box. 

The Smurfs 2013 - 6 Figure Set ($20)

The big item in this months box is a six figure The Smurfs 2 collectors set, the girls love these little figures and they are super cute. The set includes Papa Smurf, Vexy, Hackus, Clumsy Smurf, Smurfette and Gargamel and his cat Azreal.

Hello Kitty 50+ Sticker Book ($6.54)

Sticker books are always welcome in our house and so is Hello Kitty so this is perfect for entertaining the girls when I want peace and a brew. 

Tetris Notebook ($10.78)

The notebook is divided into several different coloured sections and each section is edged with a different Tetris pattern. I love this notebook the girls aren't even getting a look in I'm stealing it away for my own use. 

Wonder Woman 4 Pack Ball Point Pens ($8.95)

The girl loved these pens but I really wanted them for myself so I traded the they are now very happy with there new designer colouring pencils while I enjoy writing my essays with a little help from Wonder Woman. 

Nerd Block Light Up Figure 

This is a Nerd Block exclusive item and is super cute and bright, my girls love it. It's white when's it's turned off which is alittle boring but it comes into its element when the lights go out.

The girls loved this box their only complaint was that there wasn't a comic book this months box. From a value angle the box seems pretty good, the products come to a combined value of $45. 

Nerd Block Jr. Girls boxes cost $23.99 USD a month, this includes shipping costs, this is roughly £15. The Jr. boxes feature between 4-6 goodies and normally arrives in the middle of the month (this months was late due to the holidays) and they come in either a girls version or a boys. Nerd block also do several adult boxes as well, a Classic box, a Horror box and an Arcade box although these boxes are slightly more expensive but contain a T-Shirt as well as the usual 4-6 geeky/gaming products. 

If your interested in ordering yourself or a friend a Nerd Block just follow the link.