Tuesday, 6 January 2015

I went on a little shopping trip this morning..

Evening lovelies, hope you've all had a fab day, mine started awful as it was pouring down (I got soaked), which is just typical for the first school run of 2015. As the weather was crappy Mr H decided to cheer us both up with breakfast out followed by a nosy round the shops. 

The first place I nipped into was Boots where I picked up a few bargains in the toys section before moving into the baby section where I picked up a half price baby massage gift set for my step-sister who's due to have her first baby soon, I'm super excited to meet the newest baby in our family. I also had a quick nosy round the reduced Christmas section and couldn't resist buying myself a treat. I use to love dying my hair back in collage and for the past year or so I've really fancied shaking up my style a bit but I thought I was a little too old for it to be honest but after chatting to my friend (of the brightly coloured hair, pink being the last shade) she pointed out that 31 wasn't old and that I should just do it at worst I hate it and it washes out. So as soon as I saw this Spin The Bleach Bottle set reduced from £12 to £6 I knew I wanted it, I just need to find the confidence to actually use the stuff now. 

I also popped into TK Maxx while I was out and treated myself to a gorgeous new Butter London nail polish called 'Shag' (this made me giggle), I love the colour it's a burnt Orange/Red with fiery flashes of Gold and at just £4.99 there wasn't a chance in hell I was  leaving it. I can't wait to get this beauty on my nails. 

And on a whim I decided to see if they had anymore clear acrylic makeup organisers in as I'm lazy and sick of grabbing the wrong brush out of my holder whenever I reach for my favourite eyeshadow brushes. They didn't have quite what I wanted but they did have this gorgeous toothbrush holder for £4.99 which I instantly fell in love with. It is  a little too tall though for my brushes but I've added some decorative glass stones in the bottom and it's now perfect and I love how it looks. 

I also spent an hour of my morning stalking the aisles of Toys-R-Us hunting for bargains, the few I decided to purchase are now stashed along with my Boots finds under my bed ready to be wrapped when I get the time but for now I'm going to curl up with my book and coffee and enjoy what's left of my evening now both my girls are asleep..