Monday, 19 January 2015

Just alittle mummy-daughters time.

While Mr H was out gaming, me and the girls decided to take alittle girly shopping trip into town to spend the last of their Christmas pennies. Our first stop was Build-A-Bear, we had a clear idea of what both girls wanted thanks to online browsing K wanted an Elsa teddy complete with full outfit and T just wanted to buy her Ted 'blue' the Elsa dress. Turns out K had ideas to make her Elsa just that little bit different so she's now the proud mum of an all singing (let it go) Elsa ted that's on holiday visiting Ariel so is all mermaided up. T also changed her mind mid visit she didn't want the Elsa dress but a Batman costume before changing it back upon seeing what her big sis purchased. Don't you just love kids.. 

After that lovely hour I decided to treat them both to a new lush goodie each which took  nearly another hour as they were like kids in a sweetshop with all the different colours. T even referred to the store as a little rainbow shop how cute is that and a perfect description for lush store. 

After much deliberation and many 'what do you think mummy?' and 'this is so pretty' they finally made their minds up and this is what they picked..

T picked the Heart Throb Bubbleroon (£3.65) from the Valentines Day range, it smells alittle too flowery for my liking but she loves the colour, the gold glitter especially and who can argue when it's basically 2 baths for the price of 1. 

K loves bathbombs and they have to be multi-coloured so I wasn't surprised when she picked Granny Takes A Dip (£3.35), it's smells quite spicy and warming so fingers crossed it'll be perfect for warming up after a cold day out. 

I also treated myself to the gorgeous Unicorn Horn bubblebar (£3.25), it's so pretty and I love how relaxing it smells and I just want to keep opening the bag to take a wiff and glaze at it. 

We had lovely couple hours of girly mummy-daughters time wander the shops and they have already got me to promise we'll do it all again next month. Now we just have to decide without arguing who's having the first bath, my girls have definately caught the lush bug..