Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday Night De-stress

Well it's been a stressful week, Mr H has gone back to work, T was sent home sick from school mid-week, pre-teen strops from K and a 1500 word essay hanging over my head.  It's pretty fair to say I've drank an unhealthy amount of coffee so I've promised myself a detox & pamper filled weekend as I think I'm coming down with a cold. I find it really hard to unwind most nights and on my worst nights I tend to reach for my favorite candle, ipad, foot pack or face mask and a brew. Tonight is one of those nights!

My current candle of choice is a Essense candle I picked up in B&M, it was only £2.99 for the larger size which has over 80+ hrs of burn-time, complete bargain. Its multi-layered and smells of Cornish Vanilla & Toffee Caramel; Vanilla & Pecan Cookie; and Toasted Hazelnut. It just smells delicious, its abit on the sweet side but not too over powering. Makes me feel all cosy & reminds me of when I was little and my mum and nan use to bake cakes. 

Seeing as I feel like I've drank the equivalent of a small country in coffee I'm going to skip the brew and give myself a boost with a Man-Flu shot in hot water (my husband swears by them for a boost when he's dying).  Man-Flu is lemon, lime & honey flavoured drink packed full of vitamins which can be drank alone as a cold shot or added to hot water kind of like a lemsip just without the nasty medicine taste. 

To my horror I've ran out of foot packs so as I'm feeling abit rough I've decided to just skip the mess and fuss of a face mask (I really can't be bothered tonight) and just give my face a good old swipe of Thalgo Cocooning Cleansing Milk.

And just to help me relax that little bit more I've filled my hot water bottle so its nice and toasty at my side while I catch up on Candy Crush.

So I have my candle burning, I'm sipping 'Man-Flu' while curled up round my hot water bottle playing candy crush (I really know how to live, right?). 

What you all up too this fine Friday night?