Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Year Resolutions

After spending the last couple of years running round like a headless chicken after my girls and Mr H, I decided that enough was enough and that 2014 is going to be the year I take back my identity and stopped being such a 'dead mummy' and focus abit more on me.

So I've made a few simple resolutions which I'm hoping will help.

1.  Make more of an effort on my appearance.
2.  Take some ME time once a week even if its just a few minutes of peace to paint my nails.
3.  Focus on making progress with my degree.
4.  Spend QUALITY time with my family. 

For christmas the lovely Mr H spoiled me rotten will some lovely beauty box subscriptions, so I have no excuses not to make an effort to look pretty and to treat myself to some weekly downtime. I also treated myself to the YOU beauty advent calendar when in my defense was half price to give me a kickstart. Both my January Birchbox and YOU Beauty advent calendar arrived yesterday so I have promised myself a relaxing weekend, fingers crossed it works out that way.

I've spend the last 2 weeks making some decisions about my degree. So last week I enrolled onto a new OU course (DD131) which is going to run alongside my current course (DSE141) which finishs in May. I'd been undecided for a while and it feels really good to have finally decided to go for it. I did have a mini panic attack over coping with the extra workload but I'm now feeling positive that as long as I stick to the deadlines I'm going to be ok. My books arrived this week and now I'm excited to get stuck in, hopefully I'll still feel the same once I do!

My last resolution is both easy and tricky as I think everyone's definition of quality time is different. Mine and Mr H's certainly are, I love lunchtime dinner dates while he's happier with a takeaway and chilling in front of the telly while the girls are in school. The one thing we both agree on is a weekly family night or as my girls like to call it 'Friday night, pizza night'. 

What resolutions did you make? 
Are you sticking to them?