Saturday, 8 November 2014

Nerd Block Jr. Girls October Box

Our Nerd Block Jnr box arrived and we decided to hide it away from our girls until they reached that beyond bored point during their October half term holiday and Thursday was that day!

After moaning that they were bored and had nothing to do we decided that it was time to break out the Nerd Block and find out what goodies were hidden within to which we were treated to two very excited daughters who couldn't wait to get their hands on it. Thankfully I managed to snap a few pics while K and T were distracted by munching their lunch. 

Hello Kitty Zombie Vinyl Figure (RRP $10.99) - Another Funko figure to add to our slowly expanding collection that is if I ever manage to get it back of the girls. 

Savvi Costume 'Princess Butterfly' Face Tattoos (RRP $2.22) - The perfect distraction to entertain the girls mid way through the half term holidays and they both loved this girly face tattoo which I managed to split it between them both. 

Disney Travel Co.. Inc Lanyard and Disneyland Pin - This lanyard and pin are really cute. The lanyard is now in the girls toybox with a homemade Shield ID badge, they are both Marvel Superhero crazy. The pin however I manage to rescue and is now happily attached to my uni bag along with the rest of my pin and badge collection. I haven't been able to find a price for either item but I'm guessing roughly $5 as similar items retail around that. 

Dragons Riders of Berk Comic Book Volume 2 'Dangers Of The Deep' (RRP $6.99) - K is a huge comic book fan and loved the How To Train A Dragon films so this is just perfect for her. 

Disney Frozen Bangle Set (RRP $4) - My youngest T has been living and breathing Frozen lately, her entire Christmas list is made up of every possible Frozen toy available so she loved these. 

As always the girls loved their Nerd Block as it had somethink each of them loved. As a mum I was pretty impressed with the selection of goodies the girls received and this months box has five items valued at over $30 which is ok as I paid $24 for it. 

If your interested in ordering your own Nerd Block Jr. box, click here