Friday, 28 November 2014

Nails of the Day: GOSH Galaxy Polish

Hello lovelies, hope you've all had a fab week. Today I thought I'd share with you all a nail of the day post. Yep you did read that right a nails post, I know I haven't share anything remotely polish related in an absolute age but to be completely truthful my nails were in a right old state after a) being completely trashed after summer and b) I had an attack of nail biting when I was stressing over my final module essay, but I'm proud to say they are looking and feeling a lot stronger and healthier.

So to celebrate I decided to have a dig around in my polish drawer and try out a polish I've never worn before and the lucky winner was GOSH Cosmetics Galaxy. This beautiful polish was an Autumn/Winter 2012 Limited Edition Shade that seems to change colour everything I move my fingers but the base colours seem to be gold, green and pewter. 

It's quite an sheer polish to apply it took me about three coats to get it more or less opaque, it is however super shiny I didn't even have to use a top coat to get that shine although I wish I had as it was already showing tip wear after just a few hours (as you can see in the photos), and then it chipped terribly on second day. Although the chipping might have been down to the fact that I was wrapping Christmas presents and I've found sellotape to be the kiss of death to nail polish. 

I really like the unusual foil-like finish this polish has and I definitely plan to use this polish again soon, I really fancy layering it over a black polish to find out how it changes the final effect.