Friday, 21 November 2014

Our First Arcade Block!

Happy Friday lovelies, hope your weeks not been too rough!

Today's post is a mini review of our first Arcade Block by Nerd Block. Arcade Block is a monthly subscription video game mystery box which ships to the UK from Canada, it cost $32.49 a month which was roughly around £19. 

I've been toying with ordering Mr H an Arcade Block for a while as he's not only is he an avid gamer but he'd mentioned he'd starting getting a little bored with his current mystery box subscriptions so as soon as I received my spoiler email for the October box I knew I had to order it to try as I was sure he'd love it.

As it ordered with just Mr H in mind I was expecting goodies for him solely but I was pretty impressed upon opening to find quite a family friendly selection of products. I'm not sure if every month will be like this but I'm hoping so... here's what we received.

Notes From Hyrule Magnetic White Boards 'Link & Zelda'

Street Fighter Pixel Bricks 'Blanka' (RRP $11.99

Super Mario Pull Back Racer 'Wario' (RRP $5.99)

Portal 2 Key Cap (RRP $5.99)

Super Mario Bros Flying Squirrel Luigi Small Plush (RRP $19.99)

Freemans Crab Shack T-Shirt

There was definitely something for each of us in this arcade block from the Super Mario goodies for the girls (they are huge fans); to the magnetic whiteboards (perfect for keeping note of what shopping I need) & the Portal 2 keycap (I have a thing for key-rings etc as it makes it easier for me to find my keys when I misplace them; and for Mr H there's the Blanka Pixel Bricks (he loves building things) and the Half-Life inspire T-Shirt (another awesome gaming t-shirt to add to his collection). 

With this being our first month of receiving an Arcade Block I can't say if it's consistently great value for money but Octobers in my opinion certainly was, with the value totally in at least $43, and that's just taking into consideration the 4 items I managed to find RRPs for online. 

If you'd like to order yourself an Arcade Block, the November box is still available to order until 25th, just click here.