Monday, 17 November 2014

The Snuggly Fall Tag

Morning lovelies hope you all had a lovely weekend, today I'm sharing a blogger tag that the awesome Maddie tagged me to do (you can see her original post here)

I'm abit late completing this fall tag as fall or Autumn as we call it here in the UK is just starting to come to an end. 

1. Favourite thing about fall?

OK this is a fluffy answer but my favourite thing has to be watching the leaves turn from green to golden and then watching my girls run round the park kicking the fallen leaves around. 

2. Favourite fall colours?

Has to be chocolate brown, caramel gold and deep purple. Wow is it bad that 2 of my 3 answers are food related. 

3. Favourite fall songs?

I don't really have any but I do tend to listen to more rock the colder and darker it gets. 

4. Candles or cuddles?

Candles definitely, you can't beat either an early night reading in bed or a bubble bath by candlelight on a cold wintery evening.

5. Favourite Netflix show for fall?

I don't actually have a Netflix account but I do have Amazon Instant and I'm looking forward to catching up on Vikings. 

6. Favourite fall snack?

The perfect autumn treat is hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. 

7. Which youtuber's vlogmas are you most excited about watching?

Being brutally honest I didn't even know what a vlogmas was til I googled it lol! And eventhough I now know i still don't have an answer as I have no idea if any of the vblogs I subscribe to are actually doing any this year.  

8. Favourite piece of fall clothing?

My Henry Holland fluffy snood, it's perfect for the early morning walks to school. 

9. Fluffy socks or beanies?

Fluffy socks I can't stand wearing hats they make my head itch. 

10. Favourite sweets for fall?

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies warm out the oven you can't beat them.

11. Favourite fall lip?

I really suffer from dry lips when it gets cold so I tend to stick to my trusty medicated lip balm. 

12. Best part about fall?

Bonfire Night, I love seeing how awed and excited my girls get watching the fireworks going off. 

13. Favourite youtuber to watch in fall?

Has to be Makeup by Tiffany D's pregnancy vblog I've been watching her mini video diarys since she first announced her pregnancy and it's really reminded just how excited I was when I was expecting.

14. Ugg boots - yay or nay?

Nay, I hate them I like my Autumn/Winter footwear to be practical so I stick to boots and snowboots on really cold wet days.

15. Favourite sweater you own?

Last years Christmas jumper, it's chunky knit and great for keeping warm. 

16. Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate? 

Daytime is black coffee and Hot Chocolate as a evening treat.

17. Favourite hairstyle for fall?

Cold temperature make my hair frizz and knot super quickly so I tend to stick to a simple ponytail or plait. 

18. Number one back to school tip? 

Speaking as both a mum and a student it has to be get organised and plan your time making sure you always give yourself more time than you think you need.

19. How does the perfect fall day look like to you?

Cold, dry and sunny perfect for a walk round the park or local zoo. 

20. Will you be dressing up for Halloween, if so, as what?

I actually don't like Halloween never have and I can't stand fancy dress however I always make sure we have plenty of candy/sweets in for the few trick or treaters we get each year. Eventhough we didn't dress up on the day my girls were invited to a Halloween party the next day and went as Witches. 

So there you have it all the questions and I've hoped you've my answers. I'm now tagging all of you lovely people to complete it yourselves and don't forget to share your blog links in the comments section so I can check out your answers.