Saturday, 15 November 2014

Octobers Loot Crate Is Fear Themed

Last months theme is Fear which is of course perfect for this months celebration of Halloween. 

For those of you not in the know LootCrate is an Australian geek and gaming monthly subscription box that costs $29.95 (including P&P) a month which works out to roughly be £17.00. Every month is themed and  Lootcrate's staff handpick 6-8 of the newest geeky/gaming goodies for you to enjoy.

Warning - If your sensitive or easily scared you might not want to read on. 

Loot Crate Fear Magazine with Fear Badge and 3D Glasses - This months magazine features 3D artwork hence the glasses, it really makes the artwork look like its reaching out for you. It also has an interview with Robert Kirkman the creator of The Walking Dead Comics.

Toxic Candy Waste - This Blue Raspberry flavoured sour candy is a cute little bonus item which I added to our bowl of Halloween sweets. 

Death By Kitten T-Shirt by Super 7 (RRP $30.00) - For a Halloween T-Shirt this  design is pretty cute and fluffy, it's not quite Mr H's style but I'm sure it'll grow on him.   

Dead Rising 3 Sledgesaw Hammer Pen - This is a Capcom and Loot Crate exclusive item and Mr H loves it, the detail is amazing and it's perfect for Halloween. 

How To Survive a Sharknado Book by Random House (RRP $14.99) - No matter how awful the acting I still loved Sharknado it was a classic syfy movies, so I can't wait to read this and have a good giggle.

"Oh Brother" Art Print Superemofriends - By JSalvador - I love this little cute 5 x 7" print eventhough it depicts one of the scenes that had me crying the most. I'm sure though that it'll look fab on the bookshelf in Mr H's mancave once it's framed. 

Loot Crate Labs Slashes & Bites Tattoos - These temporary tattoos are perfect for Halloween, but as I don't actually dress up for it I'll be passing these on to a friend who I know will love using them.

Image Comics The Walking Dead (Issue 132) with an exclusive Loot Crate alternate cover - I read a few of the Walking Dead comics before getting hooked on the TV Series which I throughly love, the series is amazing and always shocks me every week. I am however looking forward to reading this comic soon and maybe even getting addicted to The Walking Dead Comics like I am the TV series. 

Super7 & Loot Crate Exclusive Smite Gift Card - This enables players of Battleground Of The Gods to unlock Thanatos & an exclusive Jack The Reaper Skin. I've never heard of Battleground Of The Gods before but as it's a free online game I'll be checking it out soon. 

Rose Confectionery Pumpkin Pop & Awful Orange Popping Candy - My girls love popping candy on their Ice-Cream on DVD nights so I have stashed ready for next week. 

Final Verdict

As always Loot Crate have produced a great box with something for each of us. Sweets for the girls and geeky goodies for myself and Mr H. 

Next months theme is Battle and I can't wait to see what Loot Crate have instore for us all. 

If your interested in finding out more about Lootcrate every think you need to know can be found here, and if you quote code BATTLE you'll save $3 on the November box.