Saturday, 22 February 2014

Baking Saturdays

Sunny lazy saturdays always meant baking days when I was little and its a tradition I've tried to carry on with my little family so as I've been watching James Martin's Home Comforts while suffering from yet another cold I decided to bite the bullet and treat Mr H and the girls to some home cooking once my sainsburys food shopping arrived that is (god bless the home delivery service).

First on the menu was a lunch of chargrilled ciabatta, mozzarella & parma ham parcels with plum chutney. I followed James Martins recipe which can be found here.

I've never attempted a make chutney before but I have to admit it turned out really well, Mr H was pleasantly surprised. Mr H and T will eat pretty much anythink you put in front of them but Myself and K well we're the fussy eaters in our family and we both liked it even if we only used it as a dip. And best of all we have loads left too for another day.

Next up was a quick and easy little sweet treat for my girls, yummy chocolate fudge. I (tried to) follow an oldie but goodie recipe from the Carnation website that you can find here.
As always though I completely forgot about adding the icing sugar afterwards and added it in with the other ingredients right at the start, I've done this so many times with so many recipes I really have to start paying more attendance to what recipes say. It never seems to make any difference though to be honest, the fudge is as yummy every single time and my girls love it so I'm happy. 

As you can see in the pic above this time though the fudge is abit too soft to be classed as fudge so after a night in the fridge if its still soft tomorrow then I think I'm going to turn it into truffles, it'll just need reheating slightly, rolling into balls then rolled into cocoa powder. No matter what the girls tried some and loved it so it's still a hit with them. 

I know this is a slighty little different kinda post from me but I hope you liked it my lovelies and are having a fab weekend whatever your doing.