Friday, 28 February 2014 Beauty Haul #6

Another one of my distraction orders last weekend arrived this morning, I went on with the original idea to purchase a new OPI nail envy in the hopes it'll help my poor nails recover from the damage being ill for the past month or so has caused them but also ended up stocking up on more of my favourite OPI hand cream and a beautiful polish for Spring.  

OPI Avoplex High-Intensity Hand & Nail Cream £10.23
As I suffer from very dry hands this my opinion the best hand cream I've ever owned, it's only slighty fragranced so I can use everyday and is so creamy that a little goes a long way, it soaks in quickly and leaves my hands so moistured and soft. I've also found it helps to heal the cuts, cracks & sore spots I sometimes get from using household cleaning products when I forget to put rubber gloves on which is more than it should be if I'm being honest. 

OPI Nail Envy Sensitive & Peeling £10.78
I swear by the nail envy collection I think I own every variety there is. My mum brought me my first bottle 3 years ago when I was desperate to grow my nails for my wedding, I'd spent the previous 15 years biting my nails and had tried everythink to stop myself and help my nails grow. I remember not believing for a second it would work and being so shocked when after a week my nails looked healthier and better still longer and stronger. Need least to say Ive continued using it since and up until January I had nails I could be finally proud of.  Unfortatunaty I'm now back to were I started short cracked and peeling nails after being ill with a nasty infection so fingers crossed this polish will work its wonders again.

Ciate Apple & Custard Nail Polish £5.36 
A complete impulse buy but in my defense I just looking so pretty and its a perfect pastel for spring while fingers crossed is just round the corner and I just loved the yummy name. I'm going to spend some time having a nosy at some of my favorite nail art blogs for inspiration on the best designs to use with it.

As I'd opted for free saver deliver which should be within 7 working days, I thought I'd see if the premier service and its costs £1.50 is any good. With premier service you receive a quicker dispatch on your order and a free deluxe sample in with your order. I was very impressed with the quick delivery I received my dispatch email within an hour of posting and in with my order was not just one but two samples. 

BeautyBay Mineral Foundation 2g in Apricot
It a very decent size sample pot it's just a shame I don't wear foundation but I will be passing this on to a friend who I think it will be perfect for. 

Nuxe Paris Serum Merveillance 2ml
Looking forward to trying this out but will probably only get 2 goes out of it due to size and the fact that it's not a resealable sample.