Thursday, 27 February 2014

March Spending Ban

After thinking it over I've decided to attempt a spending ban for the whole of March, so no treating myself to new beauty products, clothes or accessories. 
I'll admit when I first had the idea I had a slight irrational panic about how I would cope but after giving myself a good talking too I realised how silly I was being, it's only 31 days and I'm sure it'll do wonders for my bank balance. 

I have 2 main reasons for putting myself on a spending ban.

1. My bedroom is starting to become overrun by beauty products thanks to my bargain hunting and my beauty box samples 


2. Its my Birthday and Mother's Day next month and Mr H has been asking for ideas but I don't have a clue what I want so in stopping myself from buying things it might just help me help him. 

So expect a few 'I want' & wishlist blog posts and more product reviews while I try to work my way through the ton of samples I have already to keep my mind off spending my pennies. 
And just to make me feel better Mr H has agreed to having a spending ban the month of his birthday too, bless him.

So as of 1st March no spending for me :)