Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lush Dreamtime Bath Melt Review

Hiya my lovelies hope your good and enjoying your week so far. 

I've spent the past week full of cold/hay fever and felt pretty yucky and tired as I'm struggling to sleep properly so I decided to grab my Lush Dreamtime bath melt (from my first ever lush order) and treat myself to an extra long dip in the bath, candles included to help me relax and unwind. 

The first thing I want to say is how velvety and squishy the bar felt out of the packaging, its so soft and pliable, and the smell of lavender and chamomile is just wow.. I mean really wow it's so relaxing and reminded me of the lavender sleep aid body wash I use to use on the girls the help them fall asleep as babies. I loved that stuff so much... I really should pick a bottle up next time I'm near a boots store.. 

Anyway I ran my bath taps to fill it up a little and then just chucked the melt in and like an idiot sat and watched it dissolve slowly.. it felt like time stood still for at least 5 minutes there. I'm admit though sad as it might seem I really enjoyed watching it slowing fizz away and turn my water a weird creamy green colour.

I loved how it turned the water a milky green

So I waited til it looked all gone, lit my candles and settled myself down and as a not so secretive disliker of baths I have to say it was fab. The Dreamtime had dissolved down to leave a lovely sheen on top of the water level and it felt so soft and silk like against my skin and afterwards it let me skin silky soft too.  

A snapshot of a few of my current favourite candles

The whole combination of the silky feel, the relaxing scent and the candlelight left me totally chilled but also so utterly drained and exhausted that I couldn't wait to fall into bed straightaway afterwards. Not too sure if  Dreamtime helped me sleep or if I was just so tired I passed out but I woke up the next morning feeling dopey but well rested.

To sum it up though it smells great, left my skin nice and soft and I managed a full night sleep. Dreamtime is definitely a must have for me now, looking forward to grabbing another when I'm in town next. 

Have you tried the Dreamtime Bath Melt yet? 
What did you think?