Monday, 23 June 2014

Pretty Serious Final Clearance Polishes

Ok first things first a quick apology for not updating in over a week, I have another dreaded assignment due for my social science module at the beginning of July so I've had my head stuck in my textbook for the past week playing catch up and to be honest I'll probably have it stuck in it until I sent the horrible thing off so if I go abit quiet I promise I'll be back asap. 

Today I want to share with you all some nail polish swatches of a few bargains polishes I picked up in the Pretty Serious Final Clearance Sale way back in April, they still have a lots of polishes still available too is you fancy picking up a bargain.

Pretty Serious Cosmetics is an Australian based company that create amazing cruelty free and vegan friendly products, every products is very individual, fun and packed full of personality.

So from left to right we have 

TUX - a two-tone inky black/green polish. 
Cybernetic - a blue/purple polish with purple and green glitter.
Party By The Pool - a peacock blue polish with blue and green glitter.
Hot Summer Night - a deep purple polish with silver shimmer. 
Dream Delight - a silver polish packed full of silver glitter 
Seasonal Sunset - an fiery orange polish with red and gold glitter. 
Nightopia - a sea-green polish with a slight gold shimmer. 

All the polishes give great coverage in just 2 coats, although Cybernetic, Party by the Pool, Seasonal Sunset and Nightopia aren't quite opaque. TUX, Hot Summers Night and Dream Delight however are fully opaque in just 1 coat but the depth of colour looks much better with 2.

All the polishes are 11ml bottles and cost $5.95 (roughly £3.30) and even with the shipping charge of $12.95 (roughly £7.20) so for me it worked out at about £1 a bottle, the polishes are still a total bargain. 

Have you tried any Pretty Serious polishes?
What do you think of them?