Tuesday, 10 June 2014

You Beauty Discovery June First Impressions

Evening my lovelies hope you're all having a not so bad week so far... Sorry its been a little on the quiet side but I spent most of the weekend dozing on our sofa suffering from a mix of hay-fever and a cold. Thankfully Mr H kept me well supplied with mug of sugary tea or I think I would have dissolved into a teary mess, I felt awful. Thankfully now though I'm feeling better, still not 100% fighting fit but enough for the everyday routine to restart. 

For me the greatest part of the weekend was my Saturday wake-up call by our local courier delivering my You Beauty June Box. It's the one beauty box that never fails to make me happy even when I feel rotten. It definitely has magical properties... I'm thinking pixie dust...

As always this months selection is diverse, with this month theme being Beauty Heroes, and with summer just round the corner I opted for the 2 products I thought might help me embrace a more bare-faced make-up style.... I can't stand that itchy feeling of wearing a pile of makeup when temperatures start to rise, but I still want to look fresh faced and fabulous.... I have every finger and toe crossed for a hay-fever free summer as red/swollen eyes are not attractive.

Anyway first things first I managed to order the 15ml sample of Transformulas Face Contour & Tightening Creme (RRP £36.95, although I bit find it online for under £15.00) which is meant to help lift, define and sculpt ageing skin, leaving your face looking firmer, brighter and the most important for me at least younger. I've given it a quick go already and it definitely made my skin feel tighter but I didn't really see any visible effect, hopefully I will though in a week or so. I'll keep you posted... Just a quick thing to note too is that inside the Transformulas packaging I also received a sample of their Diamond Lift, which I haven't used yet but I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl soon.

My second choice was the L'Oreal Infallible 24H Lip Colour in Timeless Rose (RRP £9.99) which is a 2 step lip stain/gloss. Timeless rose is a proper pretty rosy pink which is packed full of glittery shimmer (although I didn't know that at the time of ordering). I tried this beauty on straight away and although it didn't last 24hours it did last a good 6 hours before I had to reapply fully. The colour is perfect for summer but for me the shimmer is just too much which is a real shame because if it wasn't for the glitter aspect I'd wear it everyday! So unfortunately this ones going to end up in my makeup bag to wait for our summer BBQ with friends.

As you can see the colour is lush its just a bit too glam for everyday
The first of this months added extras was an Expandable pink heart shaped face cloth, which my girls have already nicked for themselves, and to be fair it's a perfect size for them so I'm not too bothered about it as it saves me having to buy them anymore. 

The second extra has me much more excited as some of might already know I love a good face mask... I have a box full of them and still buy more every time I'm out beauty shopping I just can't resist them! Anyway the second extra is a new Montagne Jeunesse face mask, the one I received is the Dead Sea Mud Spa which claims to breathe life back into skin using Dead Sea minerals and ocean rich nutrients harvested from seaweed and kelp to quench thirsty skin. I can't wait to try this out as soon as my eyes stop watering.. Damn hay-fever!

All in all another great box from You Beauty Discovery and once again I find myself wishing my month away so I can order my next one! If you'd to know more about You Beauty Discovery then you can find every think you might want to know here

I'd love to heard from you if you received a You Beauty Box  and if you loved it or hated it this month?