Sunday, 1 June 2014

TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Shot Review

The second intensive hair treatment I tried from my Easter Superdrug Haul was the TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Shot. It is a 15ml tube with a twist of nozzle which retails for £1.49. It's advertised as a deep conditioning treatment that not only strengthens your hair but also moisturises it leaving it smoother, stronger and healthier looking. It is designed to be left on for just a minute after normal shampooing and is a once weekly treatment.  

As usual I washed my hair with my usual shampoo, rinsed and then squeezed out the excess water before massaging the treatment into my hair, avoiding my roots as I've found that if I condition them it leaves my hair looking lanky and feeling greasy. The treatment has a really floral and expensive smell. I was worried that 15ml wouldn't be enough to cover my hair properly due to its thickness but I actually found I had a little let over which I just added to my already coated ends. 

Once my 60 seconds were up I rinsed throughly and my hair already felt like silk. After a quick towel dry and comb my hair still felt amazingly soft so I decided to risk blow drying. And I'm so pleased I did as I found that the whole process of blowdrying my hair straight was over much quicker as I didn't need to get my straighter out as my hair was as near perfect to poker straight as it ever gets. It felt smooth and glossy and looked so much shinier than usual. It's still frizzy at the roots but a quick slick of finishing polish sorted that, this and the fact that my hair seemed alittle flat are the only negative things I can find, the whole flat thing though might be because my girls hid my back combing brush as I wasn't able to add the much needed touch of volume my hair needs in-between cuts. 

I'm planning to buy this product again soon once I've dug out my back combing brush and see if the flatness if due to the product itself or not. Even if its the products fault I'll still purchase this again in the future as the effect it's had on how glossy and shiny my hair looks and feels is worth alittle flatness I'll just have to style it better to add some volume. 

Have you tried the TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Shot?
I'd love to hear what did you thought of it?