Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Review of the Lush Volcano Foot Mask.

In my first ever order from Lush (you can find that post here) I decided to treat myself to the Volcano Foot Mask. It is summer after all and I have to be sandal ready...

The Volcano is a really thick, gritty grey cream with the consistency similar to clay or at least what I imagine clay to feel like! It has a really strong aniseed ball smell which is extremely spicy and to be honest I can't decided if I like it or not but it's definitely not a smell you can ignore.

The instructions on the tub tell you to coat you feet with it, them wrap them up in plastic for 10 - 20 minutes before unwrapping and rubbing the cream into any bits of dead skin. You then rinse everything off and moisturise.

I'm going to be completely honest with you all I really couldn't stand how this felt on my hands when applying its simply feels far too to rough for bare skin, gloves are a definite must...

Now I know it said to wrap your feet in plastic but all I had to hand was cling film and I might have gone slightly crazy with it...

Yep definitely a little over zealous with the cling film...... Anyway after just 5 minutes my feet started to feel really tingly and as the mask started to dry they were so itchy it was unbelievable.

As soon as my 20 minutes were up I couldn't wait to unwrap and found that mask had mostly dried up and cracked, so the only way I could manage it to rub it into my feet was by wetting my hands to help loosen it up slightly. I probably enjoyed the whole rinsing part far more than I should have, it was just so nice to get the mask off, it came of pretty easily but was a very messy business, I ended up with grey water splattered all over my bathtub......

After patting them dry it was worth all the discomfort though as my feet feel so much softer and still really tingly. I followed the mask up with a nice thick layer of my favourite foot lotion and a cosy pair of socks and just relaxed with a brew.

The tingling continued for a good few hours afterwards and at bedtime I added a second layer foot lotion, and when I woke up the next morning my feet were looking and feeling so much softer. Even Mr H commented on how better they looked when I attempted to kick him for making a crack about my snoring... Which I don't.... Well maybe just a little but nowhere near how loud he says I do!

Even though its a messy itchy process I'll definitely be using the Volcano Foot Mask again as the effect its had on my feet is well worth it all!

Have you tried the Lush Volcano Foot Mask?
What did you think of it?