Friday, 2 May 2014

Aprils Most Loved Beauty Product

Wow April went so quickly I can't believe its over already. It was a pretty hectic month overall as not only did we enjoyed a busy fun filled two week half term for Easter but I spent most of my free time studying to catch up on open uni reading and tackling my essays both of which are due in the next week. Previously I've posted about my monthly favourites but I've decided to tweak the format alittle and just focus on my most loved and used product every month. This way I'm hoping not to double up on products throughout the year and hopefully every post will feel fresh and new. 

PERCY & REED Finishing Polish 

April most loved product is actually a new one for me, I received it as part of a Beauty swap on Facebook in February and I can't be without it now. Since my hair was re-dyed for my birthday last month it's been extra dry on the blonde ends and seriously frizzy and unruly all over no matter what treatments and products I try. So I grabbed this out of my stash of products to try and thought what the heck my hair couldn't look worse. The first time I used this I'll admit I used too much and my hair although just washed looked slightly greasy but it was tamed. After sticking with it for a week or so I now think I've found the prefect amount and way to apply it to avoid this being an issue. 

The cream itself it's soft, thin and easy to use and its scent reminds me of being at the hairdressers it has a definite salon smell which I love. It has horse chestnut extract to give soft flexible hold and sunflower wax to gently moisturise. This is my now go to product whenever my hair plays up which to be honest is everyday lately, it really does help to calm it down and seems to smooth out my fizz without making my hair feel heavy and full of product which is one of my pet hates.  

I'd love to hear what product you haven't been able to live without this month.