Monday, 12 May 2014

Sanctuary Spa - Revive Replenishing Hydra-Tonic Review

Good morning lovelies, today I have a review of Sanctuary Spa's Replenishing Hydra-Tonic. Which was a gift off the lovely Mr H for my birthday. Its a pump action gel/lotion that is designed to refresh, cool and quench thirsty skin. It's packed full of essential oils; Grapefruit, Lemongrass and Orange to name just a few, which all add to the amazingly refreshing scent of the lotion. It also has wild lime which is meant to help promote cell renewal to create a more even skin tone. 

I have what my GP refers to as Keratosis pilaris (chicken skin to you and me) on the back of the arms so I've been using this lotion twice a day for the past week focusing particularly on these bits. I've found that the lotion itself is quite milky and runny and a little certainly goes a long way, for me 3 pumps is more than enough to fully cover each arm. It absorbs really quickly too, in less than a minute, which as a busy mum is perfect for me.

Sciencey part - while I know nothing will ever totally get rid of the chicken skin effect (which is genetic, I feel sorry for my girls), my GP did recommend using moisturisers that contain lactic acid, urea or salicylic acid. After glancing at the ingredients I was very pleased to find that Hydra-Tonic contains both lactic acid and urea. 

After a month of using it twice a day every day I can see there's definitely an improvement in my skin, it feels softer and less bumpy overall, and as I've only used a tiny fraction I can see it lasting me until well after summer. I can't wait to see how much improvement there is by the time its finally empty. 

You can purchase Hydra-Tonic in Boots for £10.25 but Mr H did confess to me that he picked it up in B&M Bargains for just 99p, which isn't just a bargain its a steal in my opinion.

I'd love to hear from you if you suffer from the dreaded chicken skin effect too. 
What products have you found that work well?