Thursday, 8 May 2014

piCture pOlish Limited Edition Collection

Last month I was very lucky to be able to order 5 of the new piCture pOlish limited edition polishes from SallyMagpies unfortunately the 6th in the collection 'Borealis' was out of stock, and I'm still searching for it. They are all designed to be layered over a black base to give the best effect and all dry to a smooth finish. They are all multi-coloured and have light shifting properties. I'm so excited to wear them, I just need to remember to pick up a black polish next time I'm out shopping as I've found that its the one shade I don't seem to have. My only problem then will be deciding which one to use first. 

From left to right we have:

'Illusionist' a scattered holographic which shifts between blue, green and pink/purple.
'Solar flare' a scattered holographic which shifts between a burnt copper/red and a gold/orange.
'Aurora' a multi-glitter which shifts between blue, purple, green and pink.
'Altered state' a scattered holographic which shifts between a purple and blue.
'Gravity' a scattered holographic which shifts again between purple and blue with hints of pink.

Look out for full reviews of these amazing beauties soon. 

If your interested in buying these lovely polishes for yourself or just fancy checking out the other polish ranges SallyMagpies has available you can find everything on their website here.

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