Wednesday, 7 May 2014

John Frieda Sheer Blonde: Blonde Hair Repair Conditioning Treatment

Ok so I'm hairs been a total struggle since getting it ombré dyed in March so over the easter holidays I purchased a few different conditioning masks in my superdrug haul, in the hopes of finding that 'one' perfect treatment (I'd settle for near perfect too).

The first one I took for a whirl is by John Frieda, its part of the sheer BLONDE range and is a Blonde Hair Repair Conditioning Treatment. Sheer Blonde claims to bond to the hair repairing textual damage converting distress blonde into silky, shiny and supple locks. It's designed to be multi use so you can pick from either 3-5 minutes daily or a more intensive 15minute weekly treatment. I opted for the more intensive 15 minutes as I've noticed recently that my blonde ends are starting to fade and I was hoping this could give them a great pick me up. 

So I washed with my usual shampoo, rinsed, squeezed out excess water and coated my hair from root to tip, adding extra at my ends where most of my blonde is and then pinned it up out the way. Just for the record the cream is pretty thick and I could probably have got away with using only half the package but I have this thing about leaving open products about, if I can't seal them back up then I either use it or chuck it so on it all went.

After 15 minutes of wasting time I started rinsing my hair out and straight away it was clear that my hair was silkier than usual. I was impressed that after towel dying I wasn't met with the usual resistance when running the comb through. Even blow drying (which is my hairs arch-enemy) wasn't the nightmare task it usually is. After styling my hairs softer, shinier, more manageable, less knotty and my blonde ends look lighter and certainly don't feel as dry as they were. The only negative I can see is that my hairs still pretty fly away and frizzy but then that's nothing new as frizz is my constant companion, overall though my hairs in much better condition than it was before so I'm pleased.

Sheer BLONDEs conditioning treatment may not be my perfect product but its a damn good one and definitely one I intend to purchase again just to help keep my blonde looking fresh. 

Apologies for my goofy expression Mr H was trying his hardest to make me giggle!

Have you tried this treatment? 
What did you think of it?