Saturday, 17 May 2014

Original Factory Shop Mini-Hauls

My local Original Factory Shop has always been great for finding bargain beauty and home products if not alittle too crammed in but recently it's had a total makeover. So last week when I had an hour to spare waiting for Mr H was finishing up in the gym, I decided to take a nosey round and was pretty impress with how organised the beauty sections were and also how many new, more expensive brands were on the shelves. I literally couldn't decided what to pick but managed to settle on just four little treats

I picked up two Sally Hansen Sugar Coats (£1.50 each), Royal Icing which is a lovely baby blue, and Pink Sprinkle a strong pink. A Ciate Corrupted Neon Set in Club Topicana for £5.00 which is an amazing neon orange polish and glitter set. And a bottle of Touch of Silver Daily Maintenance Shampoo for £2 which I'm hoping works wonders on my blonde ends.

A couple of days later I was out shopping with my friend and we popped in on for a nosey and I was so excited to find a collection of Ciate polishes reduced to £3 a bottle, I'll admit I wanted to buy them all but with the help of said friend I managed to settle on 5 ( if I'm being completely honest I did pout and wasn't happy but I'm glad I did). She's Eclectic is a Purple/Blue shimmer polish; Shaken not Stirred is a vibrate pink polish; Starlet is a dark green/blue shimmer polish; Gold Digga is a rich not quite copper gold polish; and Mines a Mocha is a deep rich mocha chocolate polish. They are all beautiful colours. My last purchase was an I love... bubble bath and shower creme in raspberry and blackberry that was just £2, it smells really fruity and reminded me of summer. 

Overall I'm really pleased with my bargain buys and think I'm definitely going to have to pop into Original Factory Shop more regularly 

Have you checked out your local Original Factory Shop lately? 
Did you find any good bargains?