Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Apocalypse is Coming! Unboxing Septembers My Geek Box...

Well our My Geek Box arrived a few days ago and again it's a great mix of products that we both like. Septembers theme is Apocalypse, and from seeing all the spoilers I was really excited and hoping for some awesome zombie inspired goodies. The only less than positive thought I had after opening was 'weres the rest?' for such a large box it was only half filled and really gave the impression of some large sized goodies hidden within. Anyway here's what we received..

Funko Walking Dead Mystery Mini Vinyl Series 1 Figure (RRP £10- this 2.5-3" figure is a great little mini that has already be added to our 'Geeky' shelf in Mr H's 'mancave'. We received a zombie in a blue suit which I'm not sure if it's meant to represent a character from the show or not.. I don't remember one in a blue suit, can you? I'm just slightly disappointed we didn't get Daryl Dixon as he's one of my favourite characters of the show, he's just so damn kickass with that crossbow and those stitched wings. 

'World War Z' paperback by Max Brooks (RRP £9.99) - Of all the zombie/end of the world books I've read this is one of the few I haven't yet. I did however see the movie and loved it, I just wasn't too keen on a few of the actors. Anyway I can't wait to settle down for a book night soon because once I start, I know I won't be able to put it down. 

The Glow Company 6" Glow Stick with Safety Lanyard in 'Bright Pink' (RRP £4.98 for 5pack) - I love that this was included in this months box, it's totally multi propose, it's perfect to pack away in your emergency bag (you never know when the world might go to hell) and it's also a fun item for my girls to play with that is if I let them have it. 

'The End is Nigh' Fallout T-shirt - Mr H is a huge gamer and seeing that this months T-shirt was of a Fallout design really pleased him. Only downside is even though we ordered his usual size (which the T-shirt claims to be) it's much too big so fingers crossed it'll shrink abit after washing otherwise it'll either end up at the bottom of his drawer never to see daylight or it'll be added to mine for lazy pj days. 

My Geek Box Pilot Magazine Issue #1 - this pilot mag features a interview with Cosplay star Jenzamia, a recap of the editor own experience of 'The Mill', and a game review of Metro Redux (the double game collection of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light). 

Zombie Survival Experience 'The Mill' 10% off Discount Code - I've wanted to try one of these experience packages for ages but I've always chickened out, maybe now thanks to this discount I'll get up the courage to actually book myself in for what I'm sure will be an experience to never forget. The event costs upwards of £80 per person (this depends on which experience package you choose, prices can be found here), so this 10% off will save me a pretty penny when I finally get the courage up to book myself a place on what is described as the UK's most brutal zombie experience ever.

Hostess Twinkie (RRP £7 for 10pack) - this was a nod to 'Zombieland' which in my option is one of the funniest zombie movies to watch. I say was as Mr H has already eaten it, he did offer to share it with me but I declined, he seemed to be enjoying it and I know better that to come between him and his sweet treats. 

Even though my first thoughts were disappointment after getting a proper look at everything I'm actually pretty pleased, the book and T-shirt cover the cost of the box alone so I view everything else included as bonuses. 

If your interested in receiving your very own My Geek Box (Octobers theme is Nightmare) everything you need to know about this UK based subscription can be found on their website MyGeekBox.co.uk