Saturday, 6 September 2014

Lip Factory - August 2014

Well my last Lip Factory beauty box (for a while at least) arrived this week and it's another fully stocked box of goodies. Lip Factory is a American monthly makeup subscription, subscription for members in the UK costs $32.00 (roughly £20), this includes shipping and handling costs. This months box has 6 products, all of which are full-sized and has an estimated value of $56.60, nearly double what I paid so its great valve for money.

Cult Nails 'Two Timer' Top Coat Nail Polish (RRP $12.00) - this without a doubt has to be my favourite product from my August box. I love that although it's a gold shade in the bottle once it's applied over your chosen polish it becomes adds a golden green hue. It's really unique and perfect for me as I have nothing similar in my polish collection. I'm definitely going to be order some more of these polishes soon as it applies easily and dries really quick.

LASplash Mineral Blush 'Pink Treasure' (RRP $15.00) -  in the past I've avoid any loose eye shadows and powder/brushes as I tend end up looking like a clown whenever I've used them in the past but this mineral blush might just be the next step  in operation 'be brave' first I tried eyeshadow and now this. Pink Treasure is a pretty pink with a gold shimmer finish, for me it has a really summery vibe. I can't wait to try it out when its sunny next. 

LASplash Lip Gloss 'Brillant a Levres' (RRP $9.00) - this is quite a delicate looking nude pink which again I think it definitely more of a summer colour than an autumns, thankfully it's fully sealed so I can store this lip gloss away til next spring/summer. 

Medusa's Makeup 'Stick It' Eye Primer (RRP $8.00) - I'm slowly amassing quite the collection of primer samples, most of which are slightly tinted so I was delighted to swatch this and find that is actually clear not tinted. Looks wise I love the pink plastic pot it looks fab. 

Red Cherry False Lashes 'Black' (RRP $2.50) - the one product in my box I'll never use as I can stand the thought of false eyelashes, I'll never understand why anyone would want to glue these to there eyes. 

Pink Powder Parlour Lipstick 'Shade 702' ($10.00) - this is a really bright, light pink, its a very 'Felicity from Arrow' lipstick which in theory I love I'm just not too sure if its the right shade for me. 

I've loved receiving my Lip Factory boxes over the past few months, its a great makeup subscription box for anyone wanting to experiment with different looks or just to expand their makeup collection. I've had some hits and some miss but my overall experience with Lip Factory has been great, and a some point in the future I'll definitely be re-subbing.