Saturday, 27 September 2014

Septembers Nerd Block Classic Unboxing

Hi my lovelies hope your all enjoying you Saturday afternoon, today I want to share my thoughts on this months Nerd Block Classic, which arrived the same day as K and T's Nerd Block Jr Girls box. 

Nerd Block Classic is a monthly mystery box of nerdy fun stuff, each box has 4-6 nerdy goodies and a custom T-shirt. My monthly subscription costs $32.99 a month. If your interested in learning more just follow this link

SCRIBBLENAUTS Unmasked A DC Comics Adventure Series 1 Blind Box - I love all things DC Comics inspired especially Batman, I grew up addicted to watching the old Batman movies and my daughters are the same now. Upon opening I wasn't disappointed, I received a super cute 2.25" Batman figure (2:24) with a notebook and pencil stand, I love that's he's posable too. It also came with a download code for a free copy of the Scibblenauts Unmasked: A Crisis of Imagination digital comic, which I can't wait to download for the girls 

Mega Blocks Marvel Mystery Figure Series 2 - Marvel is my other main comic squeeze, Thor and Rogue from The X-men are my favourites. As my girls love lego and mega blocks I quickly handed this bag over to be ripped open, and from the squeal that followed I knew it was an instant hit. 'We' received the Iron Man Mark V figure and he has quickly found his way into the girls lego box for safe keeping and future playing.

Nerd Block Exclusive Stress Brain - this funny little brain shaped stress ball is to celebrate Nerd Blocks 1st Birthday. I'm not too sure if squeezing it to relieve stress works but is the perfect size for aiming at Mr H's head whenever he annoys me... which works perfectly for me so I guess its multi purpose. 

Giant Microrobes STD Plush - my first thought was oh a cute soft toy followed swiftly with OMG why would they include a Syphilis microrobe soft toy! Needless to say this won't be getting passed onto my girls (they are far too young for something like this). To be honest it probably won't even last the month before it's chucked out. I understand the reasons why we need to educate teenagers about the dangers but personally I think that's for school, the nhs and parents to do not Nerd Block. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy 'Sounds of the Galaxy Vol.1' T-Shirt - this Tshirt is the main reason I ordered this months box. I loved the film when I saw it over the summer holidays and when I received a spoiler email I knew I had to have it. The design is awesome I'm just disappointed that even though I measure my sizing and ordered the size I should have the T-shirt is still too small. Luckily I'm working at losing some weight, so fingers crossed it fits soon. 

Funko Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Papercraft Playset - this is a pretty awesome playset and I can't wait till the next school holidays in Oct to get some quality crafting time in with both my girls, that is if I managed to keep myself from doing it before then. 

Final Verdict

Even though I liked most of the items this month, I can't help shake the slightly disappointed feeling I've got over the content. It just feels a little like a jumble of mismatched products, and after thinking it over for a few days I've decided to unsub for the time being. I may resub in the future but for now it just isn't a box for me and by me I mean us. 

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