Thursday, 25 September 2014

Nerd Block Jr Girls: Septembers Unboxing

I was really chuffed to get home from shopping Friday to find the girls Nerd Block Jr box had arrived just in time for the weekend. And as soon as I mentioned it had arrived they couldn't wait to get home and changed but opening it up and start their weekend.

My Little Pony Cupcake Keepsakes 'Twilight Sparkle' - T is a huge My Little Pony fan and Twilight Sparkle is one of her favourites so her face just lit up seeing this and she couldn't wait to rip it open and start playing. Needless to say Twilight Sparkle is now in her rightful home upstairs in T's Royal Wedding Castle. I couldn't actually find this in stock online but other ponies in the cupcake keepsake range are selling between £19.99 and £24, which if I'm honest seems a lot for something so small. 

Giant Microbes Brain Cell (RRP £7.95) - This has to be the weirdest thing we've ever had in a Nerd Block Jnr box but it did get the girls asking questions about what brain cells are and what they do and it's kind of cute in it's own funny little way so they like it, T even took it to bed with her last night even if I think its weird.. 

Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two Collectable Figures - Both the girls are huge Disney fans so this lovely mini figure of Mickey running with a paint brush is now in it's new home on a shelf in their bedroom. I couldn't find a guide price for these online but I'm guessing they probably cost a couple of pounds each.

Monster High Stickerland Pad (RRP $2.99 roughly £1.80) - all children love stickers and K and T are no exception to that rule, so any and all stickers are welcome in our house, the fact that these are Monster High though definately made K enjoy decorating her pencil case and home learning log with them just that little bit more.

Hello Kitty Coin Keeper Keychain (RRP $5.75 roughly £3.50) - both K and T love Hello Kitty so this 2.5" coin keeper was a great item it's now residing in their fancy dress box stuffed full of play money. 

Trash Pack Series 5 Toilet & Garbage Blind Bags - I've not been able to find a price on these but I can't imagine they would be more that £3 to buy. I really didn't think this would appeal to the girls but K surprised me by loving the gross it of it. They received 'Food of the World' 844 Saver Krout which is a yellow toilet and a blue little squishy figure.  

Final Verdict 

This months Nerd Block Jr was the perfect Friday night treat to cheer my girls up after a long week in school. Value wise the toys inside the box definately cover it's cost and there was somethink it make each of our girls smile so I'm happy. 

Nerd Block Jr costs $23.99USD including P&P a month which works out roughly around £15. Each box includes between 4-6 goodies (either for girls or boys) and arrives mid month. Nerd Block also do an Adult box and a Horror box both cost a little more but do include a T-shirt as well as the 4-6 goodies every month. If your interested in finding out more or subscribing to your very own Nerd Block everything you need to know can be found here