Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Everyone needs 'Heroes' August 2014 LootCrate box

Hi my lovelies I've got another nerdy monthly subscription box to share with you all and this times it's our Lootcrate. Lootcrate is an Australian geek and gaming monthly subscription box that costs $29.95 (including P&P) a month (roughly £17.00). Every month Lootcrate's staff handpick 6-8 of the newest geeky/gaming goodies for you to enjoy.

Following on from last months Villains themed box Augusts boxes focused current and pass Heroes and it certainly packs a punch (pun intended). 

How awesome is this Guardians of the Galaxy Funko POP! Lootcrate Exclusive Glow in the Dark Groot Bobble-Head. I recently saw GOTG and Groot and Rockets partnerships really stole the show for me and every time my mini Groot bobs his head brings a smile to my face. As he's a Lootcrate exclusive I've not been able to find an exact RRP but the ordinary Groot has an RRP of £10.99. 

And with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles release just round the corner I would have been disappointed not to find some TMNT goodies and I wasn't disappointed with not one but two!

First up is a TMNT Ooze Action Leonardo Figure (RRP £10). This 2.6" figure has a moveable head and arms and comes with 2 swords covered the green goo that was the mutagen that have them their superpowers. As a kid I loved the TMNTs and now I love that I can share them with my own daughters. T my youngest loves them and couldn't wait to rip this open and start playing. 

The second TMNT goodie is a Leonardo Bandana Glasses. My eldest K loves these, they fit for perfectly even though they are meant to be adult-sized and they have gone straight into her fancy dress box. 

One of my favourite MegaDrive games growing up was Sonic The Hedgehog and I still love playing the game now on our Xbox360. So this novelty Sonic Breeze Air Freshener is a great fun item that will soon be hanging in our car.

These lightening bolt Shwings are awesome (they totally channel the Flash), it just a shame we won't get any use from them having only one pack but 2 daughter. I do however I know a little boy who will love them so I'll be passing them to his mum soon.

I'm a huge Dr Who fan so the inclusion of this Lootcrate exclusive bonus digital loot has me intrigued. I look forward to checking out the Doctor Who: Legacy game as well as finding out more about the other 2 games, Defense Grid: The Awakening and Gauntlet. 

I'm so glad to find another fab magnet to add to my collection, this months is for Deadpool's favourite cereal Willson's Chimichang'os (The Breakfast Of Anti-Heroes), which funnily enough look a lot like chocolate weetabix. This months badge rocks as well, I love that it features 2 of my favourite superheroes Captain America and Batman. As always there is a monthly magazine included and packed full of geeky goodness. 

I thought last months internal graphics was awesome but the artists have gone all out this month and recreated the TMNTs sewer home which my girls are having great fun playing with it as its perfectly sized to for this months Leonardo action figure. 

As a family we loved this box it was full of stuff to interest us all and we're as excited as usual to see what goodies will be in our September box. 

If your interested in finding out more about Lootcrate every think you need to know can be found here

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