Thursday, 4 September 2014

August's Favourite Makes My Summer Holidays Easier.


August for me is my laziest month of the year, the girls are off school thanks to the summer hols so it's lie-in heaven with so many Pyjama and DVD days that I lose count. As you can imagine my everyday beauty routine goes straight out the window with my blow-dryer and straighteners sat gathering dust and most days my hair is scrapped back into a loose ponytail or bun with no care taken.

So before the schools broke up I picked up a bottle of John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-day straight for just £2 from my local Original Factory Shop in the hopes that it might tame my hair slightly when I just can't be bother to style it... which if I'm honest was most days. 

I've used it for over 6 weeks, twice a week and I'm impressed with the results. When I've just sprayed it and left my hair to dry naturally, my wavy hairs still wavy but it's more controlled and less chaotic frizzy than before which I love. The real effect though comes when its used with my straighteners as I've found it basically cut in half the time it takes me to straighten my hair to how I like it.. I'm pretty picky with it too usually normally checking it constantly, I've even been known to grab the straighteners minutes before going out to just fix abit I think looks wrong, I'm a nightmare straightener which is probably why Mr H like my hair wavy! 

When this bottle runs out I'll definitely be buying another as I love that it's a time saver not only when I'm lazying around and also when I'm stressing out getting myself dolled up.

I'd love to heard if you've tried the 3-day straight, how did it work for you? 

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