Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dove 60 second treatment shot review

As some of you might know I have quite coarse, thick, long wavy hair which i find very difficult to manage at times so much so that since having it dyed blonde at the ends in the ombré fashion I've found I've had to give up blow drying it as much as possible and have optioned to make my weekends heat free so no hair dryers or straighteners allowed. I've also started to use hair treatments every weekend in the hopes of improving the condition of my hair and this weekend I tried out the Dove 60 second shot I received in my March Glossybox (review here). 

The Dove 60 second treatment shot has an RRP of £1.49 and promises to provide intensive repair to damaged hair and I think it lives up to that promise pretty well. After shampooing my hair as usual I applied the dove treatment as it suggests avoiding my roots and then rinsed it out after 60 seconds and straight away I noticed a difference, my hair felt amazingly smooth and silky. To see exactly how good it actually is I decided against adding my usual Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Serum, I literally just tower-dried and combed it through and left it to dry. 5 hours later (yes my hair takes that long) and I'm really impressed, its knot free and looks much healthier. It feels lovely and soft, and so shiny it is however still frizzy at the roots but that's easily solved with a tiny amount of smoothing cream. I'll definitely be picking a few more of these up next time I'm out shopping. 

Have you tried the Dove 60 second treatment shot? 
What did you think? 

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