Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Champneys Deep Moisturising Softening Foot Butter

As I don't drive my feet take quite a pounding everyday with the amount of walking I do and to be honest I haven't  paid them any attention over winter. but now the suns out and the temperature has started reaching double figures again (just about) I've decided its high time I gave my feet some love and got them summer ready. I tend to stick to a pretty easy routine when it comes to my feet. I tend to just give then a weekly foot treatment with some slip on tea-tree treatment booties and then cover them in whatever body cream I have hanging around (which as I type I realise is pretty poor really).

I received a sample tube of Champneys Deep Moisturising Softening Foot Butter in an anything goes swap event in February and decided what the hell I'll give it ago. It's a lovely mint green coloured thick cream that smells amazing, it's so fresh kind of like a cross between mint and tea tree. I've been using it every evening for the past week right before bed and I've really noticed an improvement. My feet feel smoother, the rough chapped skin on my heel has gone and even-though they are still slightly hard I'm really impressed and I'm definitely planning to continue using it and hopefully I'll be ready to show off my toes in sandals by April. I've also found that it's really great for helping me relax as it helps to refresh my feet when they are tired and aching from too much walking which for me is just an added extra.

Have you tried Champneys Foot Butter? 
What did you think?