Monday, 28 April 2014

Spending Ban Reflections

Well I finished my spending ban just over a month ago and I'm so glad I actually challenged myself with it, it really made me stop and question myself when I wanted or 'needed' to buy something new. It made me sit back and consider if I really need it and if I actually already had something similar at home.

In the past month I've still made purchases but I can say hand on heart that every item has been considered and then considered again before actually buying it, I've even gone so far and searching the internet for a better deal when stood in a shop instead of just thinking 'ooh pretty, I love it, I have to it'. Also my habit of checking out expensive purchases on my favourite most trusted blogs has now expanded to include my little purchases too. 

All in all I think it's made me less of an impulsive buyer, I now like to think before I spend, don't get me wrong though I still love a bargain and I've bought one or two impulsive purchases I'm just trying to keep them cheap and cheerful. 

The most important thing I gained from my spending ban was relearning that I don't need to be constantly spending money to be happy. 

One last thing mushy thing before I go is to say thanks to my special kickass friend (you know who you are) who helped keep me focused and who still talks me out of spending my money on crap whenever the urge grips me. 

I'd love to hear about your experiences of spending bans and if they helped to change your spending habits?