Sunday, 31 August 2014

Our Childfree Getaway to Conwy

Hello my lovelies.. I just thought I'd quickly share a few pics of mine and Mr H's lovely child free mini break from last weekend. We were lucky enough to be able to drop K and T off at my mums for an overnight stay while we escaped to The Quay Hotel & Spa to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary a few weeks early as we can't celebrate on the day itself as Mr H is away working on the rig. 

The hotels pretty courtyard garden near our suite.

Even though it was only one night we decided to splurge and booked a suite, which was massive, we even had our own little hallway!

The suites living room

The living room was tricked out with all the usual gadgets but my fave was the built in coffeemaker, those coffee tasted amazing. Outside the living room patio doors we had a semi private little sitting area which had the most amazing views of the Marina. 

The bathroom was a perfect size, very clean and looked immaculate, it was stocked full of Aromatherapy Associates products. While the bedroom was lush and inviting, just look at how cosy it was, I love those pillows. It was super comfortable too, I could of happily have spent the entire trip just chilling on this bed. 

Those pillows were so lush!

So Mr H could sit back and unwind with a beer or 2 we decided to have dinner at the hotel. There was a choice of dining areas but we wanted a more relaxed atmosphere so settled in the bar/lounge, the service was great even though it was busy, the staff were so polite and the food was great. The dessert though was amazing, I couldn't resist snapping a quick pic to share how yummy it looked. 

Yummy chocolate cheesecake.

The extensive cocktail menu was definitely a highlight for me although to avoid a hangover I limited myself to just 3 which was a hard task alone. 

A Vesper Martini with Lemon a Twist.

My first pick had to be the strongest so the Vesper Martini (Vodka, Dry Gin & Vermouth served with either a twist of lemon or olives) it was, I picked a lemon twist as I can't stand olives. The vesper tasted amazing but tasted so strong, it really has a kick to it, leaving a nice burn at back of throat and although each sip made me shudder just a little I loved it. I must be a lite weight these days though as just one of these left me feeling a tad sleepy and punch drunk. 

The fruity Blissful.

My second pick had to be something sweet so it had to be a Blissful (Vanilla Vodka, Raspberry Liquor & Vanilla Sugar topped with Prosecco). This was so yummy and sweet with it's fruity strawberry taste and had a fab little after kick to it too. 

The yummy Vodka Espresso

After strong and sweet I wanted something to awake me abit so my last cocktail of the evening was the Vodka Espresso (Vodka, Kahlua & Sugar, shaken with a doppio espresso) and omg it was to die for. I think it was the best cocktail I've ever had, the coffee taste was strong just how I like it, so strong in fact I couldn't even taste the vodka. It was the perfect pick me up to finish my evening off. 

How pretty is the courtyard at night.

Even though we only stayed a night we really enjoyed our mini break and we're already planning the next one and The Quay is definitely at the top of our list to visit again. 

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