Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spends Ban Days 23 - 29

Morning my lovelies hope your all had a lovely Mothers Day weekend. For me it was also my birthday last thursday so Ive been in a pretty fabulous mood all week.

With theses big days coming up I decided at the beginning of this week I was going to keep my spending on a tight leash and only buy replacements for products that I just couldn't live without and for me this week it was a grand total of just three products. 
I only discovered Garnier Micellar Water last month and it was originally purchased for my eldest daughter to try but within a matter of weeks it's became a much loved cleanser not only by her but by all of us. As my nails are now long again I've been painting my nails regularly so polish remover is a must for me. And as the weather gets warmer my tops get shorter so another must is wax strips as I much prefer doing my underarms than paying salon prices I do it in 2 sessions so less pain too. 

This weeks total spends.

Classics nail polish remover 99p
Garnier micellar water £2.66
Veet wax strips £4.00

Total £7.65