Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Charles Worthington Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment Review

I have thick wavy hair and since growing it long I've noticed that inbetween my regular hairdressers trips to get it trimmed and thinned, it tends to become look quite flat especially at the roots. So I thought I'd give the sample of Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment I go in my February YouBeauty box a shot and see if it made any difference. 

Its described on the Charles Worthington website as a 'Rinse-out weightless jelly that works to lift the hair from all angles, leaving it fully conditioned, super flexible and allowing for the creation of bouncy, voluminous glamorous styles without frizz'.

So I applied it (carefully as it is very slimy) after washing my hair with my usual shampoo instead of my usual conditioner, followed by a quick towel dry before leaving it to dry naturally. It does recommend that you blow dry your hair for the best results but on the weekends I like to allow my hair abit of time off from any heat treatment. Once it was fully dried I was really impressed I could definitely see an improvement, my hair looked much more bouncy although it did seem slightly flat at the roots still but that might be just the weight of my hair as it is due a cut soon. Unfortunately the effect didn't last overnight, when I woke up the Monday morning my hair was back to being flat, and was definitely missing its usual conditioner as it was back to being as knotty and as unruly as ever.

Eventhough the effect didn't last I think I'm going to take advantage of the £2 off voucher that came with it and purchase this treatment just for special occasions, its definitely not going to become an everyday product for me.

Have you tried this treatment? 
What did you think of it? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts and if it works for you.