Friday, 14 March 2014

GLAMGLOW Youth-Mud Review

The Youth-Mud mask claims to provide an instant tightening and brightening effect to your skin in just 10 minutes that should last 3 days or more and following the amazing results I had using the Super-Mud mask, I was very excited to give it a try and after a stressful week I couldn't resist any longer. 

I'll admit I was put off by the weird green/grey colour and lumpy thick grainy texture which I found really difficult to apply in an even finish that I ended up using both samples. I found the tingle to be more like a constant stinging. After the 10 minutes were up I found it quite difficult to wash off fully, it felt like I still had grit on my skin. Once I managed to get every last bit off my face was quite sore in places, bright red and felt uncomfortably tight. 

But after about an hour or so the redness had faded and the sore feeling was gone and I was very pleased to have found that my wrinkles and frown lines had smoothed right out and my skin was definitely looking brighter, tighter and felt lovely and smooth to the touch. For me though the effect only seemed to last 2 days which is a shame as my wrinkles and frown lines were still looking smoother than usual but my skin itself felt rough, bumpy and looked quite dull. 

This is definitely a product that I'm going to save for those extra special occasions, as its a great one night wonder product. I just find myself wishing the effect lasted longer.

Have you tried Youth-Mud? What did you think?